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Bible Test Unit 2a


People with true_____and a truly good life are those whose ______ are turned to God and who are ______to Gods laws. wisdom, heart's, obedient
Rejection of God's______laws by Israel's kingdom let to______political instability and _______infidelity. covenant, political, religious
Because of infedelity and rebellion against, _______ was not able to establish a _______dynasty in Israel. Jereboam, dynasty
God's rulers were not supposed to act like ______kings: they were supposed to rule under ____. Pagan, God
Although Solomon strayed from the path of covenant________and the _______kingdom split, God did not abandon his ______promise to David. faithfulness, kingdom, promise
Israel's ______influenced their religious and social life; contemporary _____ influences God's people today. neighbors, culture
God sent the ________to call his people back to him and to _____obey the law. prophets, obey
At the beginning of his reign_____showed great wisdom in his decisions and humility in his prayers. Solomon
Because he was afraid that the people of Israel would remain loyal to God and the ruler of Jerusalem, _______constructed golden calves in Israel. Jereboam
The queen of ____ honored Solomon and knew that he was appointed by God to be a blessing to the rest of the world. Sheba
What did the queen of Sheba recognize as the work of a godly king? 1 Kings 10
The qualities and attributes of a godly king are outlined in Deuteronomy 17:14-20. What are they and did Solomon have them all?
A contract between two parties is called ______. God laid down his requirements at _____ when he gave his laws to Moses. If people ____ God would bless them. But if they ______break the covenant, God's people would suffer terrible disasters. covenant, Mt. Sinai, break
Jereboam would not be able to establish a ______dynasty in Israel because he did not follow God's laws. His lack of _____symbolizes the human tendency to trust our won cleverness and skill rather than to wait on the Lord. dynasty, trust
Jereboam ______the religious practices of the people of the ______ kingdom. He drew their religious loyalty away from Jerusalem. He created new ______ centers and new _______ that imitated faithful worship. changed, Northern, Jerusalem, worship, festivals
Jereboam wanted the ______ to represent God's presence. The calves looked like the Canaanite god _____. Bail
God's presence was supposed to be represented by what in the Temple? The Ark
What did the Ark in the Temple contain? Tablets of the Law of the Covenant
Worship was never to be separated from what? God's Law
Name 2 things that Jereboam is known for. Distorting worship for his own purposes and leading people into sin and separation from God.
What did Solomon do for Jereboam because he had respect for him? Put him in charge of a big project.
Prophet sent by God to Jereboam Ahijah
What was the prophet Ahijah wearing A new cloak that he tore into 12 pieces and gave 10 to Jereboam
Jereboam was not a ______ and should not have offered any _______ priest, sacrifices
Because of his _____to David, God would give ___ tribe to David's family. promise, 1
Jereboam was required to ____ God's commands and do what was ____in God's eyes. obey, right
The man of God said a son name _____would be born to the house of _____ and he would sacrifice the false _____. Josiah, David, priest
God responded to Jeroboam with both swift______and great _____. judgement, mercy
Jereboam wanted to reward the prophet for ______ his hand. restoring
Jeroboam's son ______was ill. Jeroboam sent his _____ in disguise because he thought he could _____ God. Abijah, wife, fool
Ahijah said that all the ____ descendants of Jereboam would be ______. male, killed
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