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CH:Chapters 4 and 6

Chapters 4 and 6

christendom christian-dominated western europe of the middle ages; still wide-spread today
charlemagne aka 2nd constantine; advocate of Church; renamed the roman empire the holy roman empire
How did Charlemagne help serve the Church? supported monasteries (told them to copy bible and other holy books), instructed all land in Rome to have uniform mass.
conclave meeting of cardinals to elect a pope
Eastern Orthodox Churches and Eastern Rite Catholic churches origins in Eastern Roman Empire, in union with pop and Church centered in Rome
east-west schism official separation of east and west churches; aka great schism
hagia sophia famous church in Turkey; 1st basilica churches in europe; after conflicts with muslimes it became mosque; now it's just a museum
Why did Christians build magnificent Church buildings? depict God with their size and beauty, people's desire to worship God.
Islam born in 7th century; Mohammad founded it; added 3rd monotheistic faith
Reasons people converted to Islam non-muslims had to pay extra taxes in muslim countries; attractive and simple; exciting and rapidly spreadign
What did missionaries do for Christianity? Jesus' last words "Go and make disciples of ALL nations"
Augustine of Canterbury Roman Monk that headed missionary activities in England
ornateness of Church to lift up the hope of the poor and to show the glory of God
3 Problems the Church faced in the early middle ages lay investure, simony, celibacy
iconoclast controversy people believed people were worshiping idols instead of God. eastern church split from west because of this.
baptistery where Baptisms are celebrated; originally separate building now section of church
basilica greek for "king's hall"; a church of historical significance that plays and important part in the religious life of a particular region
celibacy the decision to remain unmarried and a virgin and to give their life to God
Charlemagne King of the Franks, crowned Roman emperor by the pope in 800.
Donation of Pepin King Pepin's designation of the central part of Italy to be governed by the pope.
grace our participation in the life of God.
Gregorian chant chanted in monophonic ritualistic pattern in plainsong
hijrah flight of muslims from mecca to medina in 622; event marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar
liturgical calendar seasons and feasts of the Church year to mark events in the life of Christ and the Saint
missionaries people who spread the Christian message to other people
papal states part of Italy the pope ruled until 1870
patriarch A bishop in the early Church in certain major cities of the Roman Empire; used in Eastern Churches.
Rogation Days 3 days of prayer before the Solemnity of Ascension to ask God's blessing on the harvest
Sacrament of Reconciliation sacrament through which those who sin are reconciled with God and the Church; Sacraments of Healing and Forgiveness
excommunication punishment that bans offender from participating in sacraments
filioque latin: "and from the son"
Gregorian Reforms a series of Church reforms under Pope Gregory VII
Inquisition Trials established to help curb the spread of heretical doctrines
lay investure practice of wealthy lay persons appointing clergy
mendicant religious communities that rely on charity of others
simony paying money to be appointed to a Church office
Summa Theologica Thomas Aquinas' examination of Christian theology
Truce of God enacted by medieval church; bans warfare during holy days
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