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The Ottoman Turks

Rise to power

What year did the Abbasids officially fall 1258 AD
How did the Ottoman Turks begin and under what leader? They began as a nomadic tribe who settled briefly in pasture lands. Their first leader was Osman.
What were Osman's followers like They thought their destinies were to bring Islam to the rest of the world
How did their victory over bursa change their empire. They settled for the first time and established a capital
Describe Devshirme It was the act of taking children, converting them to Islam and making their only priority the emperor
Describe the Janissaries They were the sultans elite infantry. They were feared and fearless and were the first army to wear uniforms and have a band accompanying the infantry
Why was constantinople important It was the center of trade in the world, it was a sheltered fortified city with proven defenses and it was Muhammed's greatest prize.
True or False, the newly appointed Sultan would murder his brothers True
What was Mehmets strategy to take over constantinople To cut off supplies coming from the bosphorus strait
What year did Mehmet capture constantinople 1453
What did Mehmet do to the Hagia Sophia and what title did he proclaim for himself He turned it into a mosque and called himself the holy leader of rome
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