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Ch 13 Word Building

blepharitis eyelid inflammation
blepharoplasty surgical repair of eyelid
blepharoptosis drooping eyelid
blepharectomy removal of the eyelid
conjunctival pertaining to the conjunctiva
conjunctivitis conjunctiva inflammation
conjunctivoplasty surgical repair of the conjunctiva
corneal pertaining to the cornea
cycloplegia paralysis of the ciliary body
dacryocystitis tear bladder inflammation
diplopia double vision
iritis iris inflammation
iridal pertaining to the iris
iridectomy removal of iris
iridoplegia paralysis of iris
iridosclerotomy incision into the iris and sclera
keratitis cornea inflammation
keratometer instrument to measure (curve of) cornea
keratotomy incision into the cornea
lacrimal pertaining to tears
ocular pertaining to the eye
intraocular pertaining to within the eye
oculomycosis abnormal condition of eye fungus
ophthalmalgia eye pain
ophthalmic pertaining to the eye
ophthalmologist specialist in the eye
ophthalmoplegia eye paralysis
ophthalmorrhagia rapid bleeding from the eye
ophthalmoscope instrument to view inside the eye
optic pertaining to the eye or vision
optometer instrument to measure vision
optometrist one who measures vision
pupillary pertaining to the pupil
retinal pertaining to the retina
retinopathy retina disease
retinopexy surgical fixation of the retina
scleral pertaining to the sclera
scleromalacia softening of the sclera
sclerotomy incision into the sclera
scleritis inflammation of the sclera
uveitis inflammation of the choroid
Acoustic pertaining to hearing
Audiogram record of hearing
Audiometer instrument to measure hearing
Audiologist hearing specialist
Auditory pertaining to hearing
Aural pertaining to the ear
Auricular pertaining to the ear
Cochlear pertaining to the cochlea
Labyrinthectomy removal of the labyrinth
Labyrinthotomy incision into the labyrinth
Myringitis eardrum inflammation
Myringoplasty surgical repair of the eardrum
Otalgia ear pain
Otic pertaining to the ear
Otitis ear inflammation
Otomycosis abnormal condition of ear fungus
Otologist ear specialist
Otopyorrhea pus discharge from the ear
Otorrhagia bleeding from the ear
Otoscope instrument to view inside the ear
Otoplasty surgical repair of the (external) ear
Salpingitis eustachian tube inflammation
Salpingotomy incision into the Eustachian tube
Tympanic pertaining to the eardrum
Tympanitis eardrum inflammation
Tympanometer instrument to measure eardrum
Tympanoplasty surgical repair of the eardrum
Tympanorrhexis eardrum rupture
Tympanotomy incision into the eardrum
Tympanectomy removal of the eardrum
Microtia (abnormally) small ears
Macrotia (abnormally) large ears
Created by: AltheaMathews