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Chapter 2 Test Revie

Chapter 2- Test Review

The name given to the Iceman. Otzi
Anything that was used or created in the past. Artifact
The study of the remains of past cultures. Archaeology
The time before writing was invented. Prehistory
The largest mountain range in Europe. Alps
To dig something up. Excavate
What information about an archeological sample can be obtained by Carbon-14 testing? How old it is.
What did archeologists believe the Iceman’s net was used for? For catching birds
Who first discovered the Iceman? Hikers- Erika and Helmut Simon
What item gave archeologists clues that the Iceman was from thousands of years ago? The copper axe
Why was the Iceman discovery so important to archeologists? His clothing & possessions were found with him that he used everyday
The Iceman used ______________as medicine and a fire-starter. black fungus
There were flecks of_______________ on the Iceman that showed he had contact with a village. wheat
How long ago did the Iceman live? 5,000- 5,300 years ago
Who discovered the find? Hikers- Erika and Helmut Simon
What was discovered? The preserved body of a prehistoric man trapped in ice
Where did they find the body of the Iceman? On the border of Italy and Austria in the European Alps
What day, month, and year did they discover the body of the Iceman? September 19, 1991
How old did archaeologists think the Iceman’s body was at first? at first examination said roughly 4,000 years old
The practice of passing on history from one person to another by word of mouth oral tradition
Materials that were created under the time of study primary source
Are records of the past based on studies of primary resources secondary source
The story of the past history
primary or secondary source? You are studying the Civil War. You read a newspaper from that time period. Primary source
primary or secondary source? You use a CD Rom to study Prehistoric people secondary source
primary or secondary source? You are studying the Iceman and you look at one of his tools. primary source
primary or secondary source? You are writing a paper on the Titanic and you use Encarta Dictionary online. secondary source
primary or secondary source? You find old dinosaur bones. primary source
Created by: kweber