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Ch 13 Church History

Keeping Faith in a Changing World 1648-1789

John Carroll Chosen by Pope Pius VI to be the first Superior of the Mission in the US. He was ordained the first bishop of Baltimore; later became the first American archbishop. Founded the first Catholic college (Georgetown University)
Louis XIV King of France; Catholic absolute monarch who had the French bishops sign the Gallican Articles
William Penn Founder of colony of Pennsylvania; religious refuge for Catholics and Penn’s fellow Quakers, Amish and Mennonites fleeing religious persecution in Europe
Galileo Galilei Scientist who proved that the earth revolves around the sun
Pope Alexander VI Encouraged explorers to evangelize, or proclaim the good news of Christ to people everywhere
Charles I English king who granted George Calvert the charter to establish Mary’s Land
Ferdinand Steinmeyer Jesuit priest who worked as a missionary in North American colonies of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York
Bartolome, de las Casas Spanish Dominican missionary who defended the rights of the native people
George Calvert, Lord Baltimore English noble; convert to Catholic faith; founder of Mary’s Land “Maryland”
Joseph II Emperor of Austria; a Catholic absolute monarch who interfered in Church matters, abolishing monasteries and putting the state in charge of seminaries
St. Francis Xavier Spanish Jesuit missionary who traveled to India and Japan
Antonio Montesino Spanish missionary who defended the rights of native peoples
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