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Vocabulary 7 APHUG


Is the opinion and beliefs of a person. Religion
Belief that ethnic and moral practices should happen anyways not dependent on religion. Secularism
A religion that worships only on diety, or God. Monothesitic Religion
A religion that worships more than one diety, or God. Sometimes thousands. Polytheisitc Religion
A religion centered on teh belief that inanimate objects, such as mountains, boulders, rivers, and trees, possess spirits and should therefore be reversed. Animistic Religion
Religions that actively seek converts because they view themselves as offering something appealing. Universalizing Religion
Religion in which adherents are born into the faith and converts are not actively sought. Ethnic Religion
One of the oldest religions in the modern world, dating back over 4,000 years, originating in the Indus River Valley of what is today part of Pakistan. Hinduism
Locks people into certain social classes and imposes many restrictions. Caste System
Came from Hinduism's teachings. Founded by Prince Siddhartha. Buddhism
A philosophy of life and had great and lasting imacts on Chinesse life. Confucianism
Signifies teh spatial dispersion of members of any ethnic group. Diaspora
When adherants voluntarily travel to a religous site to pay respects or participate in a ritual at the site. Pilgrimage
Places or spaces that people infuse with religious meaning. Sacred Sites
Trying to wipe out an entire ethnic group. Genocide
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