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AP Human Flash Cards

a group or belief system, norms, and values practiced by people is called what culture
small, typically a homogeneous population, typically rural, and is cohesive cultural traits folk culture
point of origin hearth
practice that a group or people routinely follow custom
assimilate indiginous people into the domanent culture assimilation
real, true object (not fake) the object is said to believed to have what? authenticity
group of people in a particlar place who see themselves as a collective or a community, who perserves their customs and beliefs. local culture.
includes the beliefs, practives, aesthetics, and values non material culture
group of people that include thing they construct material culture
process by which other cultures adopt and use them for their own benefit cultural appropriation
explains how quicklyy innovations duffuse and refers to how two places are interlinked by transportation and communication time-space compression
people within a place to start to produce an aspect of popular culture themsels reterritorialization
visibal imprint of human activity on the land cultural landscape
describes the loss of uniqueness of a place in the cultural landscape so that one place looks like the next placelessness
cultural borrowing and mixing happening all around the world global-local continuem
anabaptist group hutterites
how we make sense of ourselves identity
how we define ourselves as not the other identifying against
constructed identity and is a perfect example of how identities are built race
one races hates another race racism
new immigrant to a city often move to areas occupied by older immigrant groups invasion and succession
identity stems from the notion that people are closely bounded in a certain place over time ethnicity
"social relations stretched out" space
places designed for men or women gendered
the bride dies if the dad cant find a husband dowry deaths
set of sounds, combinations of sounds, and symbols that are used for communication language
one that is publish, widely spread, and taught standard language
variants of a standard language along regional and ethnic lines dialects
distributed dialects across space dialect chains
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