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SGHS - Human Geo

Unit 2 Review - Human Geography

Refers to a people's way of life - including how they meet their needs, and their language, religion, beliefs, customs, institutions, and technology? Culture
What are things people usually do (how they dress, foods they eat, how they celebrate holidays, traditions, etc)? Customs
Based on rules for the proper behavior of individuals in a particular position and situation? Roles
Organizations developed by each society to make social roles clear and take care of social needs? Institutions
How people perceive other cultures? Cultural Perceptions
Religion based on the spiritual nature of all things. Animism
One of the earliest forms of religion. Based on belief that plants, animals, even places have their own spirits. Animism
Religion based upon the writings of the Upanishads and the Bhagavad-Gita;heavily dependent on social classes known as caste? Hinduism
Religion that believes in more than one god, Reincarnation, Karma, and sacred objects such as the cow; third largest religion and most popular in India? Hinduism
Religion based on a philosophy of self-denial and meditation, living according to the Four Noble Truths, and following the Eightfold Path to Nirvana? Buddhism
Religion founded in Nepal by Siddhartha Gautama, who saw too much suffering in the world and found peace in giving up his wealth and selfish human desires; significant religion in East and Southeast Asia. Buddhism
The first religion known to assert the existence of one god. Jewish faith that followed the Old Testament, Torah, and the Ten Commandments? Judaism
Religion based upon the teachings of Jesus (a Jew born in Bethlehem), preaches forgiveness, mercy, and sympathy for those less fortunate. Christianity
Major religion of the Roman Empire, Europe, and the Americas; also the world's most popular religion with over 2 billion followers. Christianity
Religion that was founded by a prophet named Mohammed around 600 AD that received a vision to convert all Arab tribes to follow a single god known as Allah. Islam
Religion that follows the sacred text of the Qu'ran and the Five Pillars of Faith (confession of faith, prayer five times a day, giving charity, fasting during the month of Ramadan, and a pilgrimage to Mecca)? Islam
Religion that combines both Hindu and Muslim beliefs; followers believe in reincarnation, equality, developing a love for one god; men do not cut their hair and often wear turbans? Sikhism
Belief in more than one god. Polytheism
Belief in only one god. Monotheism
People who share similar wealth, power, and prestige are said to be of the same. Social Class
How easy it is to change one's social class (move up or down) Social Mobility
Roles assigned specifically to men or women; may vary from society to society? Gender Roles
Refers to a group of people with a common ancestry and common culture, most often based on religion and language? Ethnic Group
Society where there a many different cultural / ethic groups (i.e. US, Canada, Brazil)? Heterogeneous / Multicultural Society
Society where there is only one cultural / ethnic group, language, religion, and traditions (i.e. Japan, Saudi Arabia, Korea, China)? Homogeneous Society
When minority members of a society is denied political power; and majority group uses force to keep minorities under control? Ethnic Prejudice
When minorities are denied civil and political rights (i.e. own property, use public facilities, intermarry, vote)? Discrimination and Exclusion
Extreme action against a minority that forces them to move away or relocate away from the majority? Expulsion.
Hutus, Jews, Serbs, are all examples of minorities groups who have fallen victim to this extreme crime; organized attempt to eliminate a group of people? Genocide
Area that has common characteristics that distinguish it from neighboring areas? Region
Area that has clear boundaries and is defined by at least one common human or physical characteristic (i.e. government, political unit, language, religion, etc)? Formal Region
A nodal area often organized around a focal point, defined by one function that may cross political boundaries (i.e. transportation system, service map)? Functional Region
An area based upon a people's attitudes and emotions about a place such as the "Deep South" or "Chinatown"; may not be based on real facts or conditions? Perceptual Region
Single most important human activity that lead to the development of urban centers and industrialization? Agriculture
Map that uses the concentration of dots to symbolize how many people live per square mile in a given area? Population Density
Factors that influence people to leave a place; escape religious persecution, oppression, poverty, political conflicts, and environmental disasters? Push Factors
Conditions that attract people to move to a place: to search for greater political or religious freedom, search for economic opportunity, and to reinforce cultural ties? Pull Factors
Water bodies, landforms, resources, climate are all examples of these (hard concept question)? Physical factors that influence where people live.
Political and social activities, transportation routes, and technology are all examples of these (hard concept question)? Human factors that influence where people live.
Country lifestyle marked by low population density, lots of available land; often centered around agriculture? Rural
Cities or town lifestyle, characterized by higher population density and vast human features in comparison to areas surrounding it Urban
Created by: cavierne
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