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HG culture & ethnici

unit 4,5

Acculturation the adoption of cultural traits.- language, beliefs, etc.
Assimilation When people of a culture lose their differentiating cultural traits.
Barrio A spanish word for Neighborhood. This happens when a Hispanic neighborhood is created due to increasing Hispanic population in U.S.
Census the collection of personal, or legal information of population in a country.
Commodification giving a monetary value to a cultural item, material or nonmaterial subjects.
Contagious Diffusion the spread of a phenomenon by direct contact between people or objects.
culture the practice of cultural traits, as belief, clothing, morals, ethics, in a ceitain group.
Cultural Appropriation the adoption of beneficial customs and knowledge from other cultures.
customs the routine practice of an activity by a group of people as a daily activity. specific cultural traits.
diffusion the spread of a phenomenon through: Expansion, Hierarchical, Stimulus, Contagious or Relocation Diffusion.
distance decay the disminishing of importance and disappearance of a phenomenon due to an increase in distace from hearth.
Dowry Death the killing, punishment or leading to suicide of bride, due to bride in the mariage.
Ethnic cleansing the expulsion of an ethnic group to encourage homogenization in an area.
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