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The Hebrew Kingdom

6th Grade Social Studies Review

A belief in one God is called what? monotheism
Today, the religion of the Hewbrews is known as what? Judaism
The father of the Hebrews was who? Abraham
The first five books of the Hebrew bible is called what? Torah
According to the Book of Genesis, God commanded the Hebrews to leave Ur and go where? Canaan
The Israelites were organized into 12 what? tribes
The migration of the Israelites from Egypt is called what? Exodus
The leader of the Exodus was who? Moses
The laws of the Israelites were based on what? The Ten Commandments
The only woman to be a judge of Israel was who? Deborah
Under whose rule did Israel become a powerful nation? King Solomon
What means "the anointed one?" Messiah
Who succeeded David as king of Israel? Solomon
Who oversaw the building of the Temple in Jerusalem? Solomon
Which two kingdoms did Israel split into after the northern tribes rebelled against Rehoboam? Israel and Judah
What special abilities were the prophets thought to have? ability to interpret God's word
Which Persian king freed the Jewish exiles from captivity in Babylon? Cyrus
What did the Jewish exiles begin to rebuild soon after they returned to Judah Solomon's Temple
Judah's Syrian rulers introduced the Jewish people to what? Greek beliefs
The Jewish group that led a revolt against the Syrians was called the what? Maccabees
In AD 63, the Roman's conquered Judah, which they called what? Judea
The Jewish group that led a revolt against the Romans was called the what? Zealots
The ongoing movement of Jews out of Judea to other parts of the world is known as the... Diaspora
Today, Jewish teachers and leaders are called waht? rabbis
Jewish places for prayer and worship are called what? synagogues
After the Syrians, Judah was later conquered by the who? Romans
Created by: LaurenKeeler