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RE Ethics 4

RE Christianity Ethics Key Words 4 Social Responsibility

Sex outside marriage where at least one of the couple is married to someone else. Adultery
Legal recognition and registration of a same sex marriage. Civil Partnership
Non religious marriage ceremony in a registrar office or other licensed venue eg a hotel. Civil marriage
A couple living together and having sexual relations without being married to one another. Cohabitation
Relating to the colour of a persons skin/ethnicity. Often used as a reason for unfairly judging others and making uninformed opinions about them. Colour
When a person has a mental or physical condition that limits movement or movement activities. Disability
Acting against someone on the grounds of their physical or mental limitations. Disability discrimination
Legal ending of a marriage. Divorce
That people should be given the same rights and opportunities regardless of sex, race or religion etc. Equality
Another word for a persons sex ie male or female. Gender
Acting against someone on the grounds of his/her sex. Gender discrimination
When a husband and wife no longer get on with one another, leading to the end of their marriage through divorce or separation. Marital breakdown
A legal union between a man and a woman. Marriage
A system of ethics about what is right or wrong. Morality
Unfairly judging someone before the facts are known. Holding biased opinions about an individual or group. Prejudice
A group of people with the same ethnic background. Race
Discrimination against someone on the grounds of their race. Racial discrimination
A sacrament in the Roman Catholic Church; when two groups of people who have disagreed or fought with each other make up. Reconciliation
Discrimination against someone on the grounds of religion. Religious discrimination
When people who have been married before marry again. Re-marriage
Declaration that a marriage is invalid. Annulment
The normal events, actions and relationships that take place within a family. Family life
Groups of people who differ from the majority of others in terms of race, religion, language or opinion etc. Sometimes the victims of discrimination. Minorities
Another term for racial prejudice. Racism
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