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RE Ethics 3

RE Christianity Ethics Key Words 3 Personal Responsibility

Misuse of the world and the environment. Abuse
Sex outside marriage where at least one of the couple is already married to someone else. Adultery
Sexual purity. Not having sex before marriage. Chastity
The artificial and chemical methods used to prevent pregnancy. Contraception
A sexual relationship with someone of the opposite sex. Heterosexual relationship
A sexual relationship with someone of the same sex. Homosexual relationship
Drugs prescribed by a doctor as part of medical treatment. Medically prescribed drugs
A system of ethics about what is right or wrong. Morality
Legal drugs which are still addictive, such as alcohol, caffeine, nicotine etc. Social Drugs
Not having sex. Decisions to remain unmarried or refrain from having sex for religious reasons. Celibacy
Using drugs in a way which harms the user. Drug abuse
Drugs which lead to dependency and cause severe harm to the body. Hard drugs
The taking of drugs for reasons other than because of medical needs. Non medical use of drugs
Drugs taken by people for fun. Recreational drugs
A person who has never had sex before. Virgin
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