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RE Ethics

RE Christianity Ethics Key Words 1 The Right To Life

The deliberate termination of a pregnancy, usually before the foetus is twenty-four weeks old. Abortion
What is morally right and wrong applies to all circumstances, at all times. Absolute morality
The ending of a life by a deliberate action such as giving a patient a fatal injection. Active Euthanasia
Inducing a painless death, with compassion, to ease suffering. From the Greek meaning 'Good Death'. Some Christians believe it is 'mercy killing' while others see it as taking life. Euthanasia
Fertilised ovum from eight weeks. Foetus
Special places to which people go to die with dignity. Hospices
A system of ethics about what is right or wrong. Morality
When a patients life is ended because it is felt that to keep them alive is making them suffer but that patient is unable to give consent to the decision (eg. they are in a coma). Non-voluntary Euthanasia
Allowing a terminally ill person to die by withdrawing or withholding medical treatment that would only prolong the suffering and have no real benefit on the patients situation. Passive Euthanasia
Slogan used for the view that supports the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. Pro-choice
Slogan used for the view that supports the right to life of the foetus. Pro-life
What is morally right or wrong in a situation depends on the circumstances. Relative morality
Life is sacred because it is God given. Sanctity of life
Refers the right to make decisions for oneself in life. it is an argument used by those who agree with Voluntary Euthanasia. Self-determination
When a terminally ill person asks a doctor or friend to to help them die peacefully and in dignity. it can be called 'mercy killing' or assisted suicide. Voluntary Euthanasia
A member of the Church of England or churches worldwide that are linked to it. Anglican
Sacred book of Christians that contains both the Old and New Testaments. The Bible
Someone who believes in Jesus Christ and follows the religion based on his teachings. Christian
The largest Protestant Church in England, which retains many Catholic features. It is sometimes referred to as the Anglican Church. Church of England
A rule for living, given by God. Commandment
A feeling of pity that makes one want to help. Compassion
A distinct group within the Christian faith, with its own organisations and traditions. Denomination
Showing grace and mercy and pardoning people for what they have done wrong. Forgiveness
Jesus teaching to treat others as you would wish to be treated. Golden rule
1st Century Jewish teacher and holy man, believed by Christians to be the Son of God. Jesus
An evangelical Protestant Church. It began when John Wesley and his followers, broke away from the CoE in the 19th century. Methodist
The books of the Bible concerning the life's and teachings of Jesus and his followers. New Testament
The books of the Bible, written in Hebrew and Aramaic, about the Jews before the time of Jesus. it speaks of Gods covenant relationship with his people. Old Testament
The head of the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope
The appearance at 14 days after conception of what will develop into the spine. Primitive Streak
Treating life as having a value. Respect for life
The tradition within the Christian Church which is led by the Pope. Seven sacraments are celebrated. Roman Catholic
Non religious Secular
Behaviour which is against Gods law and wishes/ against principles of morality. A thought, word or action which is wrong, which people know is wrong and which people freely choose. Sin
A refusal to forgive that can be considered to be harsh or unfair. Unforgiving
The point at a foetus could survive if it was born. Viable
A newly fertilised ovum. Zygote
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