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Byzantium Empire

What geographical feature made Constantinople highly defensible? The Seven Hills
Why was Byzantine a good place for trade? Because it was close to the water and had control over the Bosporus strait
Why did the Greeks build Byzantine where they did? Because they wanted control over the Bosporus strait
What 'other rule' did Constantine recognize when building Constantinople? Jesus Christ
What problem did Constantinople face that limited the size of the population? Water supply
What did Constantinople build to bring more water to its people? Aqueducts
Why do barbarians like the HUns go after constantinople? to have control over the Bosporus strait, and because of Constantinople's highly deafened territory
What protected Constantinople from many invaders like the Huns? The walls
What did Constantinoples' people build to protect them from attack by water? Iron Chain
What was the Hippodrome? Center of Constantinople's political life
What was the Nika Rebellion? gathered people in the Hippodrome revolted against Justinian
Who ruled under the Byzantine's golden age? Justinian
Who was Justinian's wife? Theodora
What did Justinian build to prove the greatness of the empire? THe Hagia Sophia (holy wisdom)
Justinian set up a panel of legal experts to do what? go through Roman laws and put together a new code, Justinian's Code
What was the code Justinian was responsible for called? Justinian's Code
What was the plague that killed millions of people along with Justinian? The Bubonic plague
The Bubonic plague killed off many of Byzantine's citizens, leave it in what condition? weak
Byzantine was constantly being attacked by who? foreign invaders like the Turks
Byzantine fell in what year, and to who? 1453 to the Ottoman Turks
Created by: zkolotos