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Global Regents NY

Complete Global Regents Review (full year)

What was the Neolithic Revolution noted for? The development of agriculture
Describe the life of a Hunter-Gather. Nomadic-One on the move & not establishing a permanent settlement
What does it mean to be Nomadic? To live on the move & not establish a permanent settlement (following your food source)
What was the purpose of the Pyramids in ancient Egypt? They were tombs to hold kings (pharaohs) when they died-to honor them in their afterlife.
What were some of the accomplishments of the ancient Egyptians? Heiroglyphics (writing), papyrus (paper like), mummification, and the calendar.
Why did the Egyptians use the process of mummification? It was connected to their belief in the afterlife.
Where is the Fertile Cresent located? It stretches between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, starting at the Mediterranean Sea.
Where was Ancient Babylon? In Mesopotamia
What was Ancient Babylon Remembered for? The Code of Hammurabi.
Which river was the most predictable in its flood patterns? Nile River (Ancient Egypt)
What is Monotheism? Belief in one god
What is Polytheism? Belief in more than one god
What was the first religion to practice monotheism? Judaism (Hebrews)
What was the social class system called in India? Caste System
What is the Caste System in India based upon? Their religion (Hinduism)
What is the Caste Sytem? A ridgid social class system in India-people where born into their class and generally did not move (solid like a real cast)
What was Buddha's original name? Siddhartha Guatama
What does Budda mean? & what did he try to do? Enlightened one-he attempted to find enlightenment.
What did Buddah believe caused man's suffering? Man's desire and Greed
Both Buddism & Hinduism share in the belief of what? Reincarnation
What is Reincarnation? Belief that when you die your soul is reborn into another life form.
What did ancient Greece contribute to modern day Western Civilization? Democracy
What is Ancient Rome's contribution to Western Civilization? A System of written Laws & the idea of a 3 Branch Government.
Which ancient Greek city state developed Direct Democracy? Athens
What is direct democracy? Citizens vote directly on the laws.
Who was the Greek philosopher that wrote "The Republic"? Plato
What was the purpose of "The Republic" by Plato? It envisioned a perfectly governed society.
Who was the Greek philosopher that was condemned to death for corrupting the youth of Athens? Socrates
Why was Ancient Greece divided into several city states? Because of the Mountainous terrain.
What was the city state of Sparta most noted for? Its military discipline
What does the term Sparta imply when used today? discipline
What does the term "Golden Age" imply? When a culture or society experiences a time of advancement in learning and improvement in culture (advancements in Literature, Art, Science, etc.)
Who fought in the Peloponnesian War? Athens & Sparta
How long did the Peloponnesian war last & who won? 27 years-Sparta won
Who was the great statesman of Athens that ruled during its "Golden Age"? Pericles
What Italian town was destroyed by a volcanoe with no survivors? Pompeii
What were Roman Architects and Engineers noted for? They developed the use of Arches, and built aquaducts, bridges and roads.
Ancient Greek arcitects are most noted for their development of the __?__ Column (i.e.-Doric, Ionic, Corinthian)
Describe the Punic Wars: In the early days of the Roman Republic, Rome fought Carthage in 3 Punic Wars; Rome ultimately won.
What is "Pax Romana"? A 200 year period of peace & prosperity
Who was the first Roman Emperor to embrace Christianity? Constantine
What finally ended the Roman Empire? Attacks in the west by the Barbarians or Germanic tribes.
What is the holy city of Islam? Mecca
What does "Islam" mean in Arabic? "Submission to the will of god (Allah)"
What are the 5 Pillars of Islam? Code of rules to live by-a guide to proper moral behavior
List the 5 Pillars of Islam: 1-Allah is God;Mohammed is prophet 2- Pray 5 times a day facing Mecca 3- Give Alms (charity) to the poor 4- Fast during Ramadan 5-Make a Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca at least once in their life.
What does the term "Hajj" mean to a Muslim? A trip-Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca at least once in their life.
What is the holy book of Islam called? Qur'an (Koran)
Who was Mohammed? The 1st true prophet for the Islamic religion (Allah spoke to him through Gabriel), he was also a businessman, military leader ans a political leader
What African king made a hajj to Mecca? Mansa Musa king of Mali (All M's-Mansa Musa, from Mali was Muslim and went to Mecca.
What does a belief in Animism imply? A belief that the spirits of nature are present in all living and nonliving objects.
How are Animism and Shinto similar? Both are very similar in that they worship the spirits found in nature
The Eightfold Path, The Four Noble Truths, and Nirvana are all associated with what religion? Buddhism
What do the teachings of Confucious encourage people to do? Follow a moral code of conduct with strict rules on relationships.
How are the Five Pillars of Islam and the Ten Commandments similar? They both provide a guide to proper moral behavior.
What is Feudalism? A social, economic, and political system of the middle ages.
What is a "fief"? A grant of land-
What is a "serf"? (Middle Ages) A peasant that worked the land in return for protection from their Lord
What was a "tithe" ? (Middle Ages) A church Tax that was 10% of ones income
Describe Manorism from the Middle Ages? The midevil mannor was the lord's estate and was self-sufficiant. The Lord was responsible for his land and all the people who worked it (serfs)
What were the Crusades? Christian Holy wars against the Muslims over the city of Jerusalem.
Why were the Crusades considered "The Most Successful Failure in History"? They were not successful militarily, but they did bring the Middle Ages to an end by promoting Cultural Diffusion (East meets West)
In the 6th & 7th Centuries what were the major centers of learning in Europe? Monasteries
How long did the Middle Ages last-from what event to what event? From the fall of the Roman Empire (500 AD) to the beginning of the Renaissance (1500 AD)
The Renaissance was considered a time of "rebirth" in several areas-list a few: Art, Science, Literature, and Culture.
What was the importance of the Gutenberg printing press? For the first time books could be replicated easily and information could be spread quickly.
What language was Renaissance literature printed in? Vernacular (Spoken language of a paticular area
What did Renaissance art use in its form? "perspective" (3 dimensions) and "Realism"
What did "michelangelo" do? (Renaissance) Painted the "Sistine Chapel" and sculpted "David" and "Pieta"
What did Leonardo daVinci do? (Renaissance) Painted the "Mona Lisa' and "The Last Supper"
What was a "Renaissance Man"? A person talented in many areas such as Michelangelo and Leonardo
What did Michiavelli's book "The Prince" encourage rulers to do? Anything to keep control: "the end justifies the means".
Explain the Scientific Method: It states that one should: question, observe, hypothesize, experiment, and then conclude.
What was the Protestant Reformation? It Challenged the authority of the Roman Catholic Church with Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses
What was the one thing that Martin Luther felt very strongly about? The "selling of the indulgences" (selling a place in heaven), or churches other methods of raising money.
Where did the renaissance begin? In Italy
Where did the Protestant Reformation begin? In Germany
What was the "Divine Right Theory"? It gaves kings absolute power (power from god!) from the Age of Absolutism
Who is the best example of an absolute monarch? King Louis XIV or the "Sun King" of France
What did Peter the Great try to do for Russia? Make changes that would Modernize and Westernize Russia
Meji of Japan tried to accomplish what during the Meji Restoration? Make changes that would Modernize and Westernize Japan
Peter the Great of Russia and Meji of Japan both made changes to their countries that were similar how? Both made changes that would Modernize and Westernize their countries
List some causes of the French Revolution: The abuses of absolutism, overtaxing (the third estate or 98% of the population), the building of the Palace of Versailles, and the neglecting of the French people a voice in government.
Who led the "Reign of Terror"? Maximilien Robsperre
How was Maximiliean Robsperre forced from power? by his fellow revolutionaries
During the Reign of Terror what "Committe" was in control? The Committee of Public Safety
What most strongly influenced the Enlightenment? bourgeoisie
When did Napoleon rule France as dictator? (From what event to what event) From his coup d'etat to his downfall in 1815 at Waterloo
When and where did the Industrial Revolution begin? In England in 1750
What changes where made during the Industrial Revolution? The domestic sytem (hand made items) was replaced with the factory system
Who is known as the father of Communism? Karl Marx (he supported proetariat)
List some important components of Capitalism: Competition, Profit Motive, and Free Enterprise
Are Monopolies usually beneficial to the consumer? No
What is an entrepreneur? A person who starts his own business
"The Great War" is also known as __?__ WWI
In the beginning of WWI how did the US react? President Wilson supported a policy of isolationism. The US didn't enter until 1917 (the war began in 1914)
What was the M.A.I.N cause of WWI & WWII? M=Militarism A=Alliances I=Imperialism N=Nationalism
What was the Treaty of Versailles? A treaty signed to end WWI-Germany was harshly punished for the war (many believe that the unfairness of this treaty lead to WWII)
What was the Immeadiate cause of WWI? The Assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary by nationalist Gavrilo Princip of Serbia
Describe the "Cold War" that followed WWII? A standoff between "Super Powers" (US & Russia) each trying to influence other countries with their political and economic beliefs
Who were the Communists? Russia (Soviet Union) and its allies
Who were the Non-Communists? US and its allies (not all were democratic-but they were not communist)
What was the Holocaust? The mass extermination of 6 million Jews by the Nazi (Hitler Organization) otherwise known as The Final Solution or Genocide
What are Monsoons? Seasonal winds that affect India-they can bring needed rain for crops or mass flooding or not come and cause droughts
What were the Nuremberg Trialsand Tokyo Trials? Iternational trials for war crimes committed during WWII 1st time a nations leaders were held legally responsible for their wartime acts.
Briefly Describe Korean War: 1950-1953 Independent S. Korea fought Communist N. Korea for control of Korea (US & Allies helped S. Korea) Ended in Stalemate Korea is still divided.
Briefly Describe the Cuban Missle Crisis: 1962-Soviets were building nuclear missle bases in Cuba-US surrounded Cuba w/ ships to make a blockade-a standoff incured-eventually both sides made compromises & war was avoided.
Created by: bethovan5
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