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D&C Sections

Sections 25-52

Section 25 Emma Hale Smith suffered much persecution, humiliation, and harassment from others over the past several months. The Prophet received this revelation on her behalf to encourage, instruct, and strengthen her.
Section 26 The Prophet Joseph, Oliver Cowdery, and the Whitmers became involved in a disagreement over the wording of section 20, verse 37. These instructions proved helpful in resolving the matter.
Section 27 Earlier Emma and Sally Knight had been baptized but hadn't been confirmed members of the Church. The Prophet desired all to take the sacrament before being confirmed. He left home to buy wine for the service when an angel appeared and gave him instrc.
Section 28 Prophet was distressed over Hiram Page's claim to divine revelations through a seer stone. Oliver Cowdery and some Whitmers were deceived. Joseph didn't want to commence the 2nd conf. of the Church until he had settled the incident so he asked the Lord.
Section 29 Given for the benefit of the six elders about to depart on a mission to the Lamanites, this revelation came at a time when many were interested in the doctrine of Zion, or the New Jerusalem.
Section 30 The Prophet received three separate revelations for David, Peter, and John Whitmer based on their actions during the Hiram Page incident.
Section 31 Thomas B. Marsh desired to know the will of the Lord concerning him.
Section 32 Oliver Cowdery and Peter Whitmer Jr. wondered if the number of missionaries assigned to go to teach the gospel to the Lamanites could be increased.
Section 33 Ezra Thayre and Northrop Sweet, as newly ordained elders, desired to know the will of the Lord concerning them.
Section 34 Orson Pratt, who traveled two hundred miles to see Joseph Smith, wanted to learn the Lord's will concerning him.
Section 35 Sidney Rigdon, who had been baptized by the missionaries to the Lamanites, asked the Prophet to reveal the Lord's will concerning him.
Section 36 Edward Partridge, who had not yet been baptized, asked the Prophet Joseph Smith to inquire of the Lord on his behalf.
Section 37 The Church in New York had been under constant harassment, and the lives of the leaders of the Church were in danger. As the Prophet and Sidney Rigdon worked on the inspired translation of the Bible, the Lord gave this commandment.
Section 38 Many fo the Saints were poor and expressed a desired to know more about how and why they should move to Ohio.
Section 39 James Covill, a Baptist minister for about forty years, promised to obey any command the Lord gave him through Joseph Smith. The Prophet inquired of the Lord on his behalf.
Section 40 When James Covill rejected the command of the Lord. the Prophet and Sidney Rigdon wondered why.
Section 41 The Prophet found some strange notions and false spirits among the Saints in Ohio. He inquired of the Lord to know how best to govern the Church.
Section 42 Groups of elders prayed together on 2 separate occasions with desire to receive the Lord's law, as promised in D&C 38:32 and 41:2-3. They also wanted to know how to organize mission work and how to proceed in cases of adultery or other serious sins.
Section 43 A self-proclaimed prophetess named Mrs. Hubble deceived some Saints with her revelations and commandments. The Prophet knew she was an imposter and inquired of the Lord concerning the matter.
Section 44 The Prophet Joseph Smith inquired of the Lord for instruction concerning the next general meeting of the Church.
Section 45 At a special conference for the elders leaving on missions, the Prophet sought clarification of the meaning of prophecies concerning the Second Coming of Christ.
Section 46 Following a discussion of whether only Church members should be admitted to sacrament and confirmation meetings, the Prophet inquired of the Lord.
Section 47 John Whitmer was reluctant to accept the responsibility for keeping a history of the Church. He said he would do it, however, if it was the will of the Lord concerning some of the teachings of his former religion.
Section 48 Church leaders were concerned about purchasing land in Ohio on which the New York Saints could settle. The Prophet inquired of the Lord.
Section 49 Leman Copley was eager to share his newfound faith with his friends in a religious order called the Shakers. he asked the Prophet Joseph to inquire of the Lord concerning some of the teachings of his former religion.
Section 50 Several elders asked the Prophet to inquire of the Lord concerning the many strange and extreme spiritual manifestations among the Saints. After joining them in prayer, Joseph dictated the Lord's answer.
Section 51 Bishop Edward Partridge sought further direction on how to implement the law of consecration on behalf of the New York Saints arriving in Ohio. The Prophet's countenance shone as he dictated the revelation.
Section 52 Following a three-day priesthood conference, the Prophet inquired of the Lord what the elders should do until the convening of the next conference in Independence, Missouri.
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