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s studies ch 4 6th g

Social Studies Chapter 4 Grade 6th

The movement of customs and ideas is __________________ culture diffusion
the parts of a people's environment that they have shaped is ____________________ culture landscape
A pattern of organized relationships among groups of people within asociety is ___________ social structure
custom or organization with social, education, or religious purposes is an ____________________ institution
a family that includes several generations is an ________________ extended family
Scientist think that each early __________________ went through four major advances. culture
A group of people who share a culture is known as a ____________ society
In many industrial nations, such as the United States, parents and their children live in a__________ nuclear family
A __________ is an advanced culture with cities and a system of writing. civilization
When one country changes ideas or customs borrowed from another____________________ takes place acculturation
The way different groups work together in a society is known as ______________- social stucture
The rapid exchange of ideas in the computer age has increased the _________________- rate of culture change
_______________ was not a major advance in technology that influenced the developement of early cultures Developing language
____________________ is considered an institution familes
Changes in our natural environment, technological discoveries and inventions and the spread of new ideas all cause________________ culture change.
In developed nations, the basic unit is the ________________ family nuclear
Three important features of a culture are __________, ____________ adn _________. language, social class and religous beliefs.
When geographres study human environment inteactions they learn _____ how people and their enviroment effect other people.
___________ is a result of discoveries and inventions shifts in the natural environment and new ideas? Culture
Some major advances in early cultures are ___________________________ The invention of tools, the beginning of agriculture, and the developement of civilizations.
People can imporve their status by ______ getting an education
People's occupations, their beliefs and their behavior are all part of their ______ culutre
The most basic social unit of any culture is the _______ family
The social unit most responsible for teaching the customs and traditions of a culture _____________ the family
Historians refer to the time when people went from hunting and gathering their foods to relying on farming and herding as _________________________ the agriculture revolution.
Today, people from all over the world ____ can communicate quickly and easily
____________________ is not considered an institution? civilization
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