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Age of Discovery

Voyages and the explorers after the reformations

the three reasons for the age of discovery intellectual curiosity protestant and catholic reformations desire for wealth
What are the three g's? gold, glory, god
The earlier explorers were? Spain and Portugal
later there were explorers from? England and France
All countries were seeking? an all-water route to Asia
Europeans were ready to explore by what year? the early 1400's
what was the main reason for exploration? wealth
what two things also contributes to the need for exploring? spices were in great demand and Italy and the Muslims controlled the Mediterranean
Which country first started exploring for the all-water route? Portugal
Portugal's lead in the race was mainly because of? Prince Henry the Navigator
who in 1486 sailed from Portugal to the southernmost of Africa? Bartholomeu Diaz
what did Diaz's voyage prove? Africa could be rounded by water.
what was the Cape of Good Hope's original name? Cape of Storms
Which Portuguese explorer sailed around the cape to India? Vasco de Gama
What did de Gama's journey give Portugal? the first all-water route to Asia
who was the first Spanish explorer to search for an all-water route? Columbus
in which year did Columbus make his first journey? 1492
what date did Columbus find North America? October 12th 1492
what did Columbus name the North American island he found? San Salvador
how many voyages total did Columbus make? 4
who eventually recognized America as the new world? Amerigo Vespucci
Which Spanish explorer and his crew were the first to sail around the world? Ferdinand Magellan
how many men started the journey around the world? 270
how many men finished the journey around the world? 18
how many years did it take to sail around the world and which ship completed the journey? 3 years and the Victoria
which countries sought a northwest route to Asia? France and England
Which English explorer reached modern day Canada in 1497? John Cabot
in what year did Walter Raleigh attempt to establish Roanoke? 1587
who was in charge of Roanoke? John White
in what year did White return to Roanoke? 1590
in what year did the first successful colony of Jamestown begin? 1607
who lead the colony of Jamestown? John Smith
in what year did Jacques Cartier search for a northwest passage for France? 1534
what did Cartier ended up finding? Saint Lawrence river
who established the French colony of Quebec int the new world and in what year? Samuel Champlain and in 1608
why was it difficult for Magellan to cross the Pacific? fresh food ran out and the water turn a thick yellow
how many days did it take Magellan to cross the Pacific? 98
where was Magellan killed? Philippines
who finished the voyage around the world? Sabastian del Cano
what did Magellan's crew prove the world was round
what Portuguese explorer sailed to Brazil? Pedro Cabral
what Spanish explorer sailed to the Isthmus of Panama? Vasco Nunez de Balboa
what Spanish explorer found Florida? Ponce de Leon
what Spanish explorer found Mexico? Hernando Cortez
what Spanish explorer found Texas? Cabeza de Vaca
what Spanish explorer explored the southwest U.S.? Francisco Coronado
what English explorer founded the Hudson bay? Henry Hudson
what two French explorers explored the upper Mississippi River? Marquette and Joliet
what french explorer explored the lower Mississippi River? Robert LaSalle
what is the Colombian Exchange? the global transfer of plants, food, and animals during both America's colonization
what is capitalism? an economic system that is based on private ownership and investment on resources
why were joint-stock companies formed? to combine wealth for a common purpose
how did joint-stock companies operate? by having people buy shares of companies
what was the theory of mercantilism? colonies were based upon their wealth
how could nations increase their wealth? by buying as much gold and silver as possible or establishing a fair balance of trade
what is a fair balance of trade? when a nation sells more goods than bought
how did the European revolution change? trade contributed to the wealth of merchants
in what year did many men make the journey from Plymouth to the New World? 1587
who was the first English born in the New World? Virginia Dare
this body of water separates Europe from Africa? Mediterranean
he conquered the Aztecs Hernando Cortez
the world's largest ocean Pacific
he was considered or called the father of Portuguese navigation/ exploration Prince Henry the Navigator
this country is located east of Spain Portugal
what was the capitol of the French empire in the new world? Quebec
who explored Florida for the fountain of youth? Juan Ponce de Leon
explain the word croatoan the lost colony of Roanoke believed to be the refuge place
tried to establish Roanoke Walter Raleigh
who conquered the Inca civilization? Francisco Pizarro
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