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Ms. Moneybags Anesthesia coding

Acronym or TermDefinition
uses of anesthesia manage unconscious patients,life functions and resuscitation
analgesia relieve pain
methods of anesthesia endotracheal;local;epidural;
endotracheal anesthesia through mouth
local anesthesia injection or topical application to area
epidural anesthesia between vertebral spaces
regional anesthesia field or nerve anesthesia
PCA patient controlled Analgesia
patient controlled analgesia patient adminsters drug
conscious sedation decreased level of consciousness
anesthesia reimbursement formula (B+T+M) x conversion factor=anesthesia payment
"B" in the anesthesia reimbursment formula stands for Basic units
"T" in the anesthesia reimbursement formula stands for time
"M" in the anesthesia reimbursement formula stands for modifying unit
physicial status modifiers help to show complexity of service
qualifying circumstances anesthesia services provided under difficult circumstances
ASA American Society of Anesthesiologists
anesthesia induction or administration of a drug to obtain partial or complete loss of sensation
bloodpatch not a type of anesthesia. procedure in which a cerebrospinal fluid leak is closed by means of an injection of the patients blood into the area that was used during epidural anesthesia
CRNA Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
hypothermia low body temperature;sometimes induced during surgical procedures
RVG Relative Value Guide
Relative Value Guide comparison of anesthesia services; published by the ASA(American society of Anesthesiologists)
Swan ganz catheter central venous catheter
valium a sedative
Created by: msmoneybags