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Haman Ch5

Mr. Haman's class, Ch.5 vocab and Study guide

An isogloss is a boundary between language regions.
The principal concentration of french-speaking North America is? Quebec
Nearly half of the people in the world speak a language in this family Indo-European
List all of the Latin-based romance languages Italian, Romanian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese
What modern languages spread globally as a result of religion? Arabic
A collection of languages within a language branch that share a recent common origin and have relatively few differences in grammar and vocab is a? language group
one culture that uses an ideographic method of writing is? China
A regional variant of a language is known as a? language dialect
When groups of speakers of a single language are isolated from each other each group may develop? 1. New grammar rules 2. different pronunciation of words 3. unique vocabulary
approximately how many countries use English as an official language? 40
Most english-speaking countries around the world speak british english because? The british colonized many countries
one of the most obvious ways for a culture to exert its influence on the landscape in an urban area is to? make sure businesses signs are written in english
Problems with the Chinese ideographic writing systems include in order to be literate, a person must memorize thousands of symbols.
Dialects are local variants in languages that differ in their vocabulary.spelling.pronunciation.speed at which the language is spoken
American English has adopted distinctinve vocabulary from which of the following languages? Spanish language.French language.Yiddish language.Native American languages.
A common language that is used among speakers of different languages for the purpose of trade and commerce is called a lingua franca
The use of French as an official language in Senegal demonstrates the amount of power the French wielded over its colony.
official languages are? used by the government for use in its daily business
Problems with multi-lingual states include increased costs for printing government signs and literature in multiple languages. antagonism between speakers of the different languages. confusion, as some place names are identified differently in the different languages.
Spanglish is? a mixing between Spanish and English, involves converting English words into spanish forms, spoken by many hispanics in the US, an example of hierarchial diffusion
What is an example of a revived language? Hebrew
Cultural groups often work to protect their languages because? their oral history will be lost if it is not preserved, and because language is an essential part of their culture's identity
A pidgin language... has limited vocabulary, has few,if any, grammar rules, is a simplified language based on two different languages, is not the first language of any person
A creole language... is a pidgin language that has evolved to become a groups first language
What are some examples of creole language? Afrikaans, Swahili, Bazaar Malay, Hatian Creole
British English and American English are similar in their? pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling
Early English was influenced by these groups Vikings, Angles, French, Saxons
what is a language? A system of communication through speech, a collection of sounds that a group of people understands to know the same meaning
What is a literary tradition and how does it contrast with language? System of communication through speaking, literary is through writing
Why do some countries designate an official language? To have a common language that they can use for laws, reports, and public objects
What is a dialect? a regional variation of a language distinguished by distinctive vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation.
What are the major branches of the indo-european language family? indo-iranian, romance, germanic, and balto-slavic
What are the two theories of the origin and diffusion of the indo-european languages? Nomadic warrior thesis and the Sedentary farmer thesis.
What is the Nomadic warrior thesis? Having a Kurgan hearth. The Kurgans infiltrated into Eastern europe, then later into central and south western europe.
What is the Sedentary Farmer thesis? Having a Anatolian hearth in Turkey which spread into Europe and some of central Asia
Where is the Sino-Tibetan family found? And an example of a language in the family. China Mandarin
Where is the Afro-Asiatic family found? + example Middle East Arabic
Where is the Altaic family found? + example Asia Turkish, Mongolian, Tungus
Where is the Uralic fmaily found? + example along the ural mountains Hungarian
Where is the Niger-Congo family found? + example Africa Swahili
Where is the Nilo-Saharan family found? + example North central Africa Maasai
Where is the Austronesian family found? + example Southeast Asia Malay-Indonesian
What is an extinct language? A once in use -even in the recent past,- but no longer spoken or read in daily activities by anyone in the world. A good example is the Gothic language
How was english diffused? expansion diffusion
Creole a pidgin language that has become the native language of a speech community
Dialect a variety of language that is distinguished from other varieties of the same language by a feature of phonology, grammar, and vocabulary and by its use by a group of speakers who are set off from others geographically or socially
Indo-European Languages a family of several hundred related languages and dialects, including most of the european languages and english
Isogloss a line on a map marking the limits of an area within a feature of speech occurs, as the use of a particular word or pronunciation
Language a body of words and the system for their use common to people who are of the same community or nation, the same geographical area or the same cultural tradition
Language family any group of languages that derive from a common ancestor
Language group a collection of languages within a branch that share a common origin in the relatively recent past and display few differences in grammar and vocabulary
Language subfamily A division of languages below a family and above a branch
Lingua Franca an auxilary language that come into existence through the attempts by the speakers of two different languages to communicate and that is primarily a simplified form of one language with a reduced vocabulary and grammatical structure
Linguistic diversity a variety of languages used in one area
Monolingual only knowing or being able to use one language
Multilingual using or being able to speak several or many languages with facility
official language a language that is specifically designated to be so in the constitution of countries, states, and other territories
Pidgin any language that is widely used as a means of communication among speakers of other languages
Toponym the place names of a region or language and/or the study of such place names
Trade Language a language (especially a pidgin) used by different speakers of different native languages for communication and commercial use
What is the US's official language? They don't have one
Created by: adrienne97
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