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flash card terms for my test on Hinduism/Buddhism

Dualism the concept of something being two different things at once, but one cannot exist without the other.
Arjuna the central character in the Bhagavad Gita, a warrior
Mahabharata The longest epic in the world, this poem contains the Bahagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita Part of the Mahabarata, a Hindu story about a warrior prince trying to follow his dharma.
Krishna The seventh avatar of Vishnu, this character figures prominently in the Bahagavad Gita.
Laws of Manu the laws that define the Hindu caste system
Caste social groups that define your dharma, if you are a Hindu
Purusha The divine primeval person, whose body parts became the four Hindu castes.
Vedas The central, sacred texts of Hinduism
Upanishads writing that are found in on book of the Vedas
Brahman the great, infinite, source of everything that encompasses all.
Atman the spark of Brahman inside of you, similar to the western concept of a soul
Karma what happens in this life will affect what happens to you in other lives
Dharma your duty in life, how to get good karma
Maya the deceptive, material world that does not truly exist.
Shiva the creator and destroyer god of the universe
Vishnu A Hindu god that is great, all-being, with great, divine knowledge and can cross all being in three strides.
Ganesha the god of wisdom and obstacles, this god has an elephant head.
Sage Sandilya A sage who contributed to the writings of the Upanishads.
Samsara the endless cycle of rebirth and redeath
Moksha liberation, or release from the cycle of samsara. This happens when you stop believing entirely in Maya. Your atman then reunites with Brahman.
Siddharta Gautama a prince who would end up creating Buddhism, and become the world’s first buddha.
Buddha’s story The story of Siddharta Gautama's life: holy birth, prophecy, enclosure, sees real-life horrors, vows to find cause of suffering, doesn't find asceticism helpful, sits under Bo tree, becomes enlightened/discovers basic Buddhist concepts, teaches them
Middle Way the way of Buddhism, neither being too moderate, nor too severe.
Mara The Buddhist concept of the real world, a place that is always trying to tempt you with material desires.
Dharma The teachings of the Buddha, the way the universe is run.
Dhamma the teachings of the Dhammapada
Dhammapada the central sacred text of Buddhism.
4 Noble Truths the central ideas for living that Buddhism gives to guide us
Eightfold Path the guide on how to liberate the self from suffering and achieve Nirvana.
Five Precepts not to destroy life, not to lie, not to use intoxicants, not to steal, not to abuse.
Buddha a person who has became enlightened and has detached themselves from all material desires.
Buddha Nature the potential that we have, in all of us, to become Buddhas.
Bodhisattva an enlightened person who stays behind on earth to teach others how to achieve enlightenment.
Nirvana the great place, beyond life or death, where people go when they become enlightened.
Sangha a spiritual community for Buddhists.
Simplicity In Buddhism, one must not live with attachments to any material objects.
Created by: cjapple33
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