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medline mid term

Abdomen belly area, cavity below the thorax
Abdominocentesis surgical puncture of the abdomen to remove fluid
Abduct move away from the midline
Abduction movement away from the midline
Aberrant wandering from normal location, process, or behavior
Abnormal deviating from the average or expected
Absorption movement of nutrients from one layer to another
Acrodermatitis Inflammation of the skin extremities
Acromegaly Enlarged extremities
Acroparalysis Paralysis of the extremities
Addiction habitual attraction, may include physical dependence
Adenectomy excision of a gland
Adenitis inflammation of a gland
Adenoma tumor of a gland or glandular tissue
Adenopathy disease condition of a gland or glandular tissue
Adhesions tissues grown together that are normally separate
Adjective Descriptor, modifies noun
Agenesis lack of development
Alcoholism chronic physical and psychological addiction to alcohol
Algesia condition of pain sensitivity
Algesic pertaining to algesia
Algesimeter instrument for measuring level of pain
Amenorrhea absence of menstruation
Amniocentesis surgical puncture of the amnion to obtain cells for testing
Analgesia condition without pain
Anastomosis connecting two tubular structures
Anemia Lack blood
Anesthesia condition of no sensation
Anesthesiology science of studying the administration of anesthetics
Anesthetic agent that produces loss of sensation
Angiectasia dilation of a vessel
Angioblast immature vessel cell
Angiogram x-ray of a vessel
Angiolysis vessel destruction
Angioma vessel tumor
Angiopathy vessel disease
Angioplasty surgical repair of a vessel
Angiorrhexis rupture of a blood vessel
Angiosclerosis hardening of a vessel
Angioscopy process of looking into a vessel using a scope
Angiospasm vessel spasm
Antineoplastic agent that wants against tumor growth
Antineoplastic agent that works against tumor growth
Anuria unable to produce urine
Apepsia cessation of digestion
Aphasia unable to speak
Aphonia no voice, unable to make sounds
Apnea absence of breathing
Appendix Glandular tissue below the cecum
Arteriectasia dilation of an artery
Arteriofibrosis condition of fibrous growth in the arteries
Arteriomalacia softening of the arteries
Arteriorrhexis rupture of an artery
Arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries
Arteriospasm spasm of an artery
Arthritis inflammation of a joint
Arthroplasty surgical repair or reconstruction of a joint
Arthroscope instrument used to look into a joint
Arthroscopy process of using an arthroscope to examine a joint
Arthrotomy incision into a joint
Atherectomy excision of an atheroma
Atheroma fatty (porridgelike) tissue tumor found in blood vessels
Atheroma fatty tissue tumor inside a large vessel
Atherosclerosis fatty deposits on medium to large vessels, causing hardening
Atherosclerosis hardening of blood vessels caused by fatty growths
Atresia closed ducts or tubes
Audiogram graphic record of hearing function
Audiologist hearing specialist
Audiology science that studies hearing
Audiometer instrument to test hearing
Audiometry process of testing hearing
Autonomic self-controlling, stress response center of nervous system
Bacillus Rod shaped bacteria
Bacillus rod-shaped bacterium
Bacterium Microorganism group
Balanoplasty surgical repair of the glans penis
Balanorrhea discharge from the glans penis
Blastocyte immature cell
Bradycardia slow heart rate
Bradypepsia slow digestion
Bradyphagia slow eating (swallowing)
Bradypnea slow breathing
Brainstem Midbrain, pons, medulla oblongata
Bursa serous sac between a tendon and bone
Bursectomy excision of a bursa
Bursitis inflammation of a bursa
Calculi small stones
Carcinogenesis formation of cancer
Carcinoma Cancer (epithelial origin)
Cardialgia heart pain
Cardiocentesis surgical puncture of the heart to remove fluid
Cardiologist physician specialist in heart disease
Cardiomegaly enlarged heart
Cardiorrhexis rupture of the heart
Carpus Wrist bone
Cathartic agent that relieves constipation (synonym laxative)
Cephalalgia head pain
Cephalic pertaining to the head
Cephalodynic pertaining to head pain
Cerebral pertaining to the cerebrum
Cerebritis inflammation of the cerebrum
Cerebroma tumor of the cerebrum
Cerebrospinal pertaining to the cerebrum and spine
Cerebrovascular pertaining to the cerebrum and blood vessels
Cerebrum largest part of the brain includes the frontal, temporal, and occipital lobes
Cervical pertaining to the neck and cervix
Cheiloplasty surgical repair of the lips
Cheilosis condition of the lips
Cheilostomatoplasty repair of the lips and mouth
Cheilotomy incision into the lip
Chickenpox Viral infection varicella zoster
Cholangiogram x-ray of the bile ducts
Cholangiopancreatography process of taking x-ray of the biliary and pancreatic ducts using contrast media
Cholecyst gallbladder
Cholecystitis inflammation of the gall bladder
Cholecystogram x-ray of the gallbladder
Cholecystograph x-ray picture of the gallbladder
Cholecystography process of obtaining x-ray of the gallbladder
Cholecystotomy incision into the gallbladder
Cholelith gallstone
Cholelithiasis infestation with gall stones
Chondralgia cartilage pain
Chondrectomy excision of cartilage
Chondrocostal pertaining to cartilage and rib
Chondrodysplasia defective development of cartilage
Cirrhosis chronic liver disease causing loss of liver function and resistance to blood flow through the liver
Coccus sphere-shaped bacterium
Colic pertaining to the colon
Colocentesis surgical puncture of the colon to remove fluid
Coloclysis irrigation of the colon
Coloptosis prolapsed colon
Colorectal pertaining to the colon and rectum
Colostomy making a new opening (stoma) in the colon
Colpalgia vaginal pain
Colpitis inflammation of the vagina
Colpopathy any disease of the vagina
Colpoptosis prolapse of the vagina
Colposcope instrument used to examine the vagina and cervix
Colposcopy the process of using a colposcope to examine tissues of vagina and cervix
Colpotomy incision into the vaginal wall
Combining form Word root plus a vowel
Compound word Word made of two or more word roots
Condyle Rounded bony process
Constipation hard stool, infrequent bowel movements
Contraction Condition of shortening a body part
Costectomy excision of a rib
Craniectomy excision of part of the skull
Craniomalacia softening of the skull
Craniometer instrument used to measure the size of the skull
Cranioplasty surgical repair of the skull
Craniotomy incision into the skull
Cranium skull
Crisis Acute (severe) situation
Cryptorchidism condition of an undescended testis
Cyanoderma blueness of the skin
Cyanosis Condition of blueness
Cyanosis condition of blueness
Cystocele herniation of the urinary bladder (into the vagina)
Cystolysis cell destruction
Cystoplasty surgical repair of the urinary bladder
Cystorrhagia hemmorage of the bladder
Cystorrhaphy suturing of the urinary bladder
Cystorrhexis rupture of the bladder
Cystoscopy process of examining the bladder using a scope
Cystotomy incision into the urinary bladder
Cytologist a technologist who studies cellular disease
Cytology the science of studying cells
Cytometer Instrument that measures (counts) cells
Cytometer instrument used to count cells
Cytometry process of using a cytometer
Dactylitis inflammation of the fingers and/or toes
Dactylogram fingerprint
Dactylospasm spasm of a digit
Defecation expelling feces
Dentalgia tooth pain
Dentist specialist in care of teeth
Dentoid resembling a tooth
Dermatitis Inflammation of the skin
Dermatology the science of studying the skin
Dermatology The study of the skin, medical specialty
Dermatome instrument used to cut slices of skin tissue
Digestion breakdown of food
Diplobacillus double bacillus
Diplococcic cocci growing in pairs
Dipsomania abnormal compulsion to drink
Disease Abnormal function or condition
Diverticulitis inflammation of the diverticula of the intestine
Diverticulosis condition of having diverticula
Duodenal pertaining to the duodenum
Duodenotomy incision into the duodenum
Duodenum first part of the small intestine
Dysentery inflammation of the intestine, pain, diarrhea
Dysesthesia difficult or painful sensation
Dysmenorrhea painful menstruation
Dyspepsia poor digestion
Dysphagia difficulty swallowing
Dysphasia difficulty speaking, garbled speech
Dysphonia difficulty making sounds with the voice
Dysplasia poor or defective development
Dyspnea difficulty breathing
Echocardiography sonography of the heart
Electrocardiogram picture (tracing) representing the electrical activity of the heart during the cardiac cycle
Electrocardiograph instrument that produces the electrocardiogram
Electrocardiography process of using the electrocardiograph
Electroencephalogram tracing (picture) showing brain wave activity
Electroencephalograph instrument used to turn brain waves into electrical patterns showing a picture of changes in activity
Electroneurodiagnostic electrical diagnostic testing (imaging) of nervous system function
Encephalitis inflammation of the brain
Encephalomalacia softening of brain tissue
Encephalomeningitis inflammation of the brain and meninges
Encephalomyelopathy disease condition of the brain and spinal cord
Endocervical inside the cervix
Endometriosis condition of endometrial tissue growing outside of the endometrium
Endometritis inflammation of the endometrium
Enterectasia stretching of the intestine
Enteritis inflammation of the intestine
Enterocentesis surgical puncture of the intestine to remove fluid
Enterocylsis irrigation of the intestine
Enteroplegia paralysis of the intestine
Enteroptosis prolapse of the intestine
Enterorrhagia hemorrhage of the intestine
Enterorrhexis rupture of the small intestine
Enteroscope instrument for examining the intestine
Erythremia abnormally red blood due to too many erythrocytes
Erythroblast immature red blood cell
Erythrocytes red blood cells
Erythrocytopenia low numbers of erythrocytes
Erythrocytosis high numbers of erythrocytes
Erythroderma redness of the skin
Esophageal pertaining to the esophagus
Esophagoduodenostomy anastomosis between the esophagus and duodenum
Esophagogastric pertaining to the esophagus and stomach
Esophagostenosis narrowing of the esophagus
Esthesiometer instrument used to measure the amount of sensation
Etiology study of the origin of a disease
Etiology the study of the origin of disease
Extension Stretching or elongation
Fascia tissue that connects muscle to muscle
Feces stool, solid waste
Fibroma fibrous tumor
Gastralgia stomach pain
Gastrectasia dilatation of the stomach
Gastrectomy Excision of the stomach
Gastrectomy excision of the stomach
Gastric pertaining to the stomach
Gastric pertaining to the stomach
Gastric Stomach
Gastritis inflammation of the stomach
Gastritis inflammation of the stomach
Gastroclysis irrigation of the stomach
Gastroduodenoscopy examination by looking into the stomach and duodenum with a microscope
Gastroduodenostomy make a surgical opening between the stomach and duodenum
Gastroduodenostomy making a new opening between the stomach and duodenum
Gastroenteric pertaining to the stomach and intestine
Gastroenterology the study of disease of the stomach and intestine
Gastroenteroptosis prolapse of stomach and intestine
Gastromalacia softening of the stomach
Gastrorrhagia hemorrhage of the stomach
Gastrospasm stomach spasm
Gastrostomy making a new opening in the stomach
Gingival pertaining to the gums
Gingivalgia gum pain
Gingivectomy excision of the gums
Gingivoglossitis inflammation of the gums and tongue
Glandular pertaining to a gland
Glossal pertaining to the tongue
Glossalgia tongue pain
Glossoplegia tongue paralysis
Glossoptosis prolapse of the tongue
Glossoscopy examination of the tongue with a scope
Glycosuria glucose (sugar) in the urine
Gynecoid resembling a woman or female structures
Gynecologist physician specialist in women’s health
Gynecology the science of studying women’s health
Gynecopathy any disease peculiar to women
Gynephobia abnormal fear of women
Hemangioblast immature blood vessel cell
Hemarthrosis blood in a joint
Hematologist physician specialist in blood disorders
Hematology specialty of studying the blood
Hematolysis destruction of blood
Hematophobia abnormal fear of blood
Hematuria blood in urine
Hemorrhage bleeding
Hepatectomy excision of the liver
Hepatitis inflammation of the liver
Hepatocele herniation of the liver
Hepatodynia liver pain (hepatalgia)
Hepatolith liver stone
Hepatopathy any disease of the liver
Hepatorrhagia hemorrhage of the liver
Hepatorrhaphy suture of the liver
Hepatorrhexis rupture of the liver
Hepatoscope instrument for examining the liver
Hepatoscopy process of using a hepatoscope
Histoblast immature tissue cells
Histology study of tissues
Histology the science of studying tissues
Hydrocele herniation or sac containing fluid
Hydrocele serous fluid accumulation in a saclike cavity
Hydrocephalus enlarged head due to fluid accumulation (congenital)
Hydrocephalus fluid in the skull causing deformity and brain damage
Hydrocyst fluid-filled sac
Hydrophobia abnormal fear of water
Hydrophobia abnormal fear of water, rabies
Hydrotherapy therapy using water
Hydrotherapy therapy using water
Hyperesthesia oversensitivity to touch
Hyperplasia abnormal over growth of cells
Hyperplasia abnormally increased development referring to quantity of cells
Hypertension high blood pressure
Hyperthermia abnormally high body temperature
Hyperthyroidism overactive thyroid condition
Hypertrophy overdevelopment, increase in size
Hypoesthesia below normal ability to feel
Hypoglossal pertaining to below the tongue
Hypotension low blood pressure
Hypothermia abnormally low body temperature
Hypotrophy underdevelopment, decrease in size
Hysterectomy excision of the uterus
Hysteropathy any disease of the uterus
Hysteropexy fitation of a prolapsed uterus
Hysterorrhexis rupture of the uterus
Hysterosalpingogram x-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes
Hysterosalpingo-oophorectomy total abdominal hysterectomy
Hysteroscope instrument used to examine the inside of the uterus closely
Hysteroscopy the process of using a hysteroscope
Ilium upper pelvic bone
Infarction necrosis of tissue due to ischemia
Inflammation condition defined by redness, swelling, pain and warmth
Ingestion swallowing, eating
Inject, injected, injecting put in using a needle
Injectable able to be injected
Interchondral pertaining to between the cartilage
Intercostal pertaining to between the ribs
Interdental pertaining to between the teeth
Ischemia condition of stopping blood supply
Jaundice yellow appearance due to high bilirubin level in the blood
Larynx voice box
Leukemia blood cancer involving leukocytes
Leukocyte white blood cell
Leukocytopenia low numbers of leukocytes
Leukocytosis high numbers of leukocytes
Leukoderma abnormally white skin
Ligament tissue that connects bone to bone and supports visceral organs
Linguogingival pertaining to the gums and tongue
Lipoid resembling fat
Lipolysis lipid destruction
Lipoma fatty tissue tumor
Lithometer instrument to measure stones
Lithotomy incision for the removal of stones
Lumbar pertaining to the lower back, between the thorax and sacrum
Lymphadenopathy disease condition of the lymph glands
Lymphadenopathy disease of a lymph gland
Lymphatic pertaining to the lymph system
Lymphocyte lymphatic system white blood cell
Lymphoma lymph tissue tumor
Macroblast abnormally large immature cell
Macrocephalus large head size
Macrocheilia enlarged lips
Macrococcus large coccus
Macrocyte large cell
Macrodactylia abnormally large digits
Macroglossia enlarged tongue
Macrorhinia enlarged nose
Mastication chewing
Megalomania abnormally enlarged self-image
Melanoblast immature melanocyte
Melanocarcinoma malignant (cancerous) melanoma
Melanocyte pigment cell
Melanoderma dark patches of skin
Melanoma tumor involving growth of melanocytes
Meninges three-layered membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord
Meningitis inflammation of the meninges
Meningocele herniation of the meninges
Meniscectomy excision of the meniscus of the knee
Menorrhagia abnormally excessive menstruation
Metastasis tumor that spreads beyond its origin
Metastasize to spread beyond its origin
Metastatic pertaining to a metastasis or metastases
Metrocele herniation of uterine tissues
Metropathy any disease of the uterine tissues
Metrorrhea discharge from the uterine tissues
Metrorrhexis rupture of uterine tissues
Microbe very small organism
Microcardia abnormally small-sized heart
Microcephalus abnormally small head
Microcyst a small cyst
Microcyte, a small cell
Microfilm image reduced to small size on film
Microgram one millionth of a gram
Micrometer one millionth of a meter
Microscope instrument used to look at small structures
Microsurgery surgery performed using a microscope or other magnifying device
Microsurgery surgery using a microscope
Moniliasis yeast infection
Mucosa mucous membrane
Mucus watery substance produced by a membrane
Mucus watery substance secreted by mucous membranes
Myelocele spinal cord herniation
Myelocyte bone marrow or spinal cord cell
Myelocytes bone marrow cells
Myelodysplasia defective development of the bone marrow or spinal cord
Myoblast immature muscle cell
Myocardial pertaining to the heart muscle
Myocarditis inflammation of the myocardium
Myofibroma fibrous muscle tumor
Myograph instrument used to make a picture of muscle function
Myography the process of using a myograph to a myogram
Myolysis muscle tissue destruction
Myoma muscle tumor
Myopathy muscle disease
Myosclerosis hardening of a muscle
Myospasm muscle spasm
Narcolepsy seizures of uncontrolled sleep
Narcosis condition of being affected by narcotics
Narcotic analgesic and sleep producing drug
Neonatal pertaining to newborn
Neoplasm new growth (tumor)
Nephritis inflammation of the kidney
Nephrolith kidney stone
Nephromalacia softening of kidney tissue
Nephromegaly enlargement of a kidney
Nephropexy surgical fixation of a prolapsed kidney
Nephroptosis prolapsed or displaced kidney
Nephrorrhaphy suturing of kidney tissue
Neuroblast immature nerve cell
Neurodiagnostic pertaining to diagnostic studies performed to examine the nervous system by detecting electrical changes
Neurologist physician specialist in nervous system disorders
Neurolysis nerve destruction
Neuroma nerve tumor
Neuropathy nerve disease
Neurorrhaphy suturing of a nerve
Neurosis nerve condition characterized by anxiety and phobias
Neurospasm nerve spasm
Neurospasm nerve spasm
Neurosurgeon physician specialist who performs surgery on the brain and nerves
Neurotripsy surgical crushing of a nerve
Nocturia excessive urination at night
Noun name of a person, place or thing
Oliguria abnormally low amount of urine
Oncogenic tumor forming
Oncologist physician specialist in diseases involving tumors
Oncology the science that studies tumors
Oogenesis formation of ova
Oopheroma tumor of an ovary
Oophorectomy excision of an ovary
Oophoritis inflammation of an ovary
Oophoropexy surgical fixation of a prolapsed ovary
Oophoroptosis prolapsed ovary
Orchidalgia testicular pain
Orchidectomy excision of a testis
Orchidocele herniation of the testes
Orchidopexy fixation of a prolapsed testis
Orchidoplasty surgical repair of the testes
Orchidoptosis prolapsed condition of a testis
Orchiotomy incision into a testis
Orthodontics dental practice of straightening teeth
Orthodontist dentist specializing in straightening teeth
Orthopedist physician specialist in treatment of skeletal and joint disorders
Orthotics pertaining to appliances used to support musculoskeletal system
Orthotist specialist who develops and assists patients with orthotics
Osteitis inflammation of the bone
Osteoarthritis inflammation of the bone and joint
Osteoarthropathy disease of bone and joint
Osteochondritis inflammation of the bone and cartilage
Osteoma bone tumor
Osteomalacia softening of the bone
Osteomyelitis inflammation of the bone and bone marrow
Osteopathic pertaining to the practice of osteopathic physicians or bone disease
Osteopathy disease of the bones
Osteopenia loss of bone
Osteoporosis porous condition of the bone due to deterioration of bone matrix
Osteosarcoma cancer of the bone
Otic pertaining to the ear
Otodynia earache
Otorrhea discharge from the ear
Otoscope instrument used to look into the ear
Pancreatectomy excision of the pancreas
Pancreatic pertaining to the pancreas
Pancreatolith stone in the pancreas
Pancreatolysis destruction of pancreatic tissue
Pancreatopathy any disease of the pancreas
Parahepatitis inflammation near the liver
Paralgesia pain in the lower body
Paralgia abnormal pain
Paralysis loss of muscle function and sensation
Paramedic emergency medical technician with advanced training
Paranephritis inflammation near the kidney
Paraosteoarthropathy disease near the bone and joint
Paraphasia abnormal speech
Paraplegia paralysis in the lower body
Parasympathetic nerves that return the body to normal following stress
Paroxysmal pertaining to the sudden onset of an attack, symptoms, or emotion
Pathogenic disease producing
Pathologist physician specialist in the study of disease
Pathology the science of studying disease
Pelvis the bony structure including the ilium, ischium, pubis, sacrum, and coccyx
Penile pertaining to the penis
Penitis inflammation of the penis
Penoscrotal pertaining to the penis and scrotum
Peptic pertaining to digestion
Pericardium around the heart (membrane)
Perichondrium around the cartilage (membrane)
Periodontal around the tooth
Periodontist dentist specializing in treatment of diseased tissue around the teeth
Periosteum around the bone (membrane)
Pharmacist specialist in drug therapy and dispensing drugs
Pharmacology study of drug therapy
Phasology science that studies speech
Phlebectasia dilation of a vein
Phlebectomy excision of a vein
Phlebography process of taking an x-ray of a vein
Phlebopexy fixation of a prolapsed vein
Phleboplasty surgical repair of a vein
Phleborrhexis rupture of a vein
Phlebosclerosis hardening of a vein
Phlebotomy venipuncture
Phonic pertaining to the voice
Phonology science that studies the voice sounds
Polyarthritis inflammation of many joints
Polycystic having many cysts
Polydactylism condition of having more than five digits on hands or feet
Polydipsia condition of excessive thirst
Polyneuralgia pain in many nerves
Polyneuritis inflammation of many nerves
Polyotia having more than two ears
Polyphagia excessive hunger and eating
Polyphobia having many fears
Polyuria abnormally excessive urination
Practitioner one who practices
Prefix placed before a word root to change its meaning
Proctocylsis irrigation of the rectum and anus
Proctologist physician specialist in diseases of the anus and rectum
Proctopexy fixation of a prolapsed anus and rectum
Proctoplegia paralysis of the rectum and anus
Proctorrhaphy suture of the anus and rectum
Proctoscope instrument for examining the anus and rectum
Proctoscopy process of using a proctoscope
Prodrome symptoms before the onset of a disease
Prostatalgia prostate pain
Prostatectomy excision of the prostate
Prostatitis inflammation of the prostate gland
Prosthesis artificial limb or other body part replacement
Prosthetics pertaining to prostheses
Prosthetist specialist who develops and assists patients with prostheses
Psychiatrist physician specialist in treatment of mental disorders
Psychiatrist specialist in treating mental disorders
Psychoanalysis analysis of mental and emotional state for treatment
Psychology study of the mind and mental processes
Psychomotor mental processes that control movement
Psychosexual mental processes related to sexuality
Psychotherapy therapy for mental disorders
Psychotropic agent that affects mental processes
Pubic pertaining to the pubis, bone in the lower anterior pelvis
Pyelitis inflammation of the renal pelvis
Pyelogram x-ray of the renal pelvis
Pyelonephritis inflammation of the renal pelvis and the kidney
Pyeloplasty surgical repair of the renal pelvis
Pyogenic pus forming
Pyorrhea flow or discharge of pus
Pyothorax pus in the chest cavity
Radiogram x-ray picture
Radiograph instrument used to produce the radiogram or the x-ray film
Radiographer one who makes x-ray images
Radiography process of producing radiograms
Radiologist physician specialist in the interpretation of radiograms and other diagnostic imaging modalities
Rectocele herniation of the rectum
Rectoclysis irrigation of the rectum
Rectocystotomy incision into the urinary bladder through the rectum
Rectoplasty surgical repair of the rectum
Rectorrhaphy suturing of the rectum
Rectoscope instrument used to examine the rectum
Rectoscopy process of using a rectoscope
Rectourethral pertaining to the rectum and urethra
Renal pertaining to the kidney
Renogastric pertaining to the kidney and stomach
Renogram x-ray of the kidney
Renointestinal pertaining to the kidney and intestine
Renopathy any disease of the kidney
Rhinitis inflammation of the nose
Rhinolith calculus in the nasal passages
Rhinoplasty surgical repair of the nose
Rhinorrhea runny nose
Salpingectomy excision of a fallopian tube
Salpingitis inflammation of the fallopian tube
Salpingo-oophoritis inflammation of the ovary and fallopian tube
Salpingo-oophorocele herniation of the ovary and fallopian tube
Salpingostomy forming a new opening in the fallopian tube
Sarcoma cancer of connective tissue
Seminoma tumor containing sperm
Sensitivity quality of being sensitive
Serosa serous membrane
Sigmoidoscope instrument for examining the sigmoid and large colon
Sonogram image of the body produced by computerized reflected sound
Sonograph instrument that reflects sound waves through the body, picks them up with a transducer, and uses a computer to create an image of body structures
Sonographer technologist who performs sonography
Sonography process of using a sonograph
Spermatoblast immature sperm cell
Spermatocele herniated sac containing sperm
Spermatocyst saclike structure containing sperm
Spermatoid resembling sperm
Spermatolysis destruction of sperm
Spermatopathy any disease of the sperm
Spermatozoon sperm
Spermicide agent that kills sperm
Splenectomy excision of the spleen
Splenomegaly enlarged spleen
Splenopathy any disease of the spleen
Splenopathy any disease of the spleen
Splenopexy fixation of a prolapsed spleen
Splenoptosis prolapsed spleen
Splenorrhagia hemorrhage of the spleen
Splenorrhaphy suturing of the spleen
Staphylectomy excision of the uvula
Staphylitis inflammation of the uvula
Staphylococci bacteria growing in bunches
Staphyloplasty surgical repair of the uvula
Stomatalgia mouth pain
Stomatitis inflammation of the mouth
Stomatomycosis fungal condition of the mouth
Stomatopathy any disease of the mouth
Stomatoplasty surgical repair of the mouth
Stomatorrhagia hemorrhage of the mouth
Stomatoscope instrument used to examine the mouth
Stomatoscopy process of using a stomatoscope
Streptobacillus bacillus growing in twisted chains
Streptococci round bacteria growing in twisted chains
Suffix follows a word root to change its meaning or part of speech
Supracostal above the ribs
Supracranial above or on top of the skull
Supralumbar above the lumbar spine
Suprapubic above the pubis
Synarthrosis joints that are fused and immovable
Syndactylism fingers or toes that are fused(congenital)
Syndrome symptoms that occur together to characterize a disease
Synergistic works together
Tachycardia fast heart rate
Tachyphagia fast eating
Tachypnea fast breathing
Tenalgia,Tenodynia tendon pain
Tendinitis inflammation of a tendon
Tendinoplasty surgical repair of a tendon
Tendoplasty surgical repair of a tendon
Tendron tissue that connects muscle to bone
Tenoplasty surgical repair of a tendon
Testicular pertaining to the testes
Thermal pertaining to heat
Thermoesthesia oversensitivity to heat
Thermogenesis generation of heat
Thermometer instrument that measures temperature
Thermophobia abnormal fear of heat
Thermoplegia paralysis caused by a person being exposed to too high of a temperature
Thoracocentesis surgical puncture of the thorax to remove fluid
Thoracolumbar pertaining to the chest and lower spine
Thoracometer instrument used to measure the chest
Thoracopathy disease of the chest
Thoracotomy incision into the thorax
Thorax chest, area of the back posterior to the chest
Thrombectomy excision of a clot
Thromboangiitis blood clot in a vessel causing inflammation
Thrombocyte blood clotting cell
Thrombocytes platelets, blood-clotting cell fragments
Thrombocytopenia lack of platelets
Thrombocytopenia low numbers of thrombocytes
Thrombocytosis high numbers of thrombocytes
Thrombogenic pertaining to producing clots
Thromboid resembling a clot
Thrombolymphangitis inflammation of a lymph vessel caused by a clot
Thrombolysis clot destruction
Thrombophlebitis inflammation of a vein caused by a clot
Thrombosis condition of forming clots
Tomogram picture made by a tomograph
Tomograph instrument that uses x-ray to produce images through planes (slices) of the body
Tomography the process of using a tomograph
Transport carry across
Trichomoniasis infestation with trichomonas
Tumor abnormal growth of tissue
Tympandectomy excision of the eardrum
Tympanic pertaining to the eardrum
Tympanites distended with gas (abdomen)
Tympanometry process of measuring eardrum function
Tympanotomy incision into the eardrum
Ureterocele herniation of the ureter
Ureterocystostomy procedure to form a new opening between the ureter and the urinary bladder
Ureterolith stone in the ureter
Ureteropathy any disease involving the ureter
Ureteropyelitis inflammation of the ureter and the renal pelvis
Ureteropyosis condition of pus in the ureter
Ureterorrhagia hemorrhage of the ureter
Ureterorrhaphy suturing of the ureter
Urethrorrhagia hemorrhage of the urethra
Urethrorrhaphy suturing of the urethra
Urethrospasm spasm of the muscles of the urethra
Urethrotomy incision into the urethra
Urogenital pertaining to the urinary tract and genitals
Urologist physician specialist in disorders of the urinary and male reproductive systems
Urology the medical specialty that studies the urinary system
Uropathy any disease of the urinary system
Uterine pertaining to the uterus
Vasectomy excision of the vas deferens (for sterilization)
Vasoconstriction decrease in vessel diameter
Vasodilation increase in vessel diameter
Vasorrhaphy suturing of vessel or vas deferens
Vasostomy procedure to make a new opening in the vas deferens
Vasotomy incision into the vas deferens
Vasotripsy surgical crushing of a vessel
Venipuncture incision into a vein with a needle to remove a venous blood sample
Venous pertaining to veins
Verb action or state of being word
Vertebra spinal bones
Vomit, vomited, vomiting evacuate stomach contents
Word root base of a word
Xanthemia yellow condition of the blood
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