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Ch 12 Church History

People of Reform and Renewal 1517-1648

What is conciliarism? that councils should have supreme authority in the Church even to that of the pope
What did people begin to question about the Church during this time? debates about the nature of the Church; the origin and extent of the authority of the pope, the councils and Europe’s many princes; lack of education of local priests; resented the teaxes they had to pay to the Church and to the Holy Roman Empire TALK CE
To what order of priests/monks did Martin Luther belong? Augustinian order
What concerned Luther the most about the Church? the abuses and scandal he saw in the church
What is the Catholic Church’s teaching about faith and good works? we are saved by faith in God but we also must express our faith through good works
What is an indulgence? the remission of the temporal punishment due to sins already forgiven by God.
Which pope approved an indulgence for those who made monetary donations to the building of St. Peter’s Basilica? Pope Leo X
What did Luther argue about the selling of indulgences? Luther argued that salvation is purely a gift from God and that it was not possible for a person to earn salvation. People could not free the souls deceased relatives from purgatory by buying an indulgence.
What are the Ninety-Five Theses? When and where was it posted? a list describing the sale of indulgences and other Church-related issues. It was posted on the door of the Church in Wittenberg
What was the Protestant Reformation? a great revolt against the Catholic church
What were Luther’s reforms? the importance of scripture; dismissed the authority of Tradition in Christian life; rejected the Latin Mass and he wrote a communion service in German; rejected the ordained priesthood, the monastic life, most of the sacraments and the authority of the p
How did Pope Leo X and Emperor Charles V react to Luther's reforms? Pope Leo X excommunicated Luther and in the city of Worms in Germany Emperor Charles V had the governing body called the Diet, declare Luther an outlaw.
Why was Emperor Charles V unable to bring Germany back to Catholicism? constant wars with the French and invasions by the Muslim Turks
What invention allowed the ideas of the Reformation to spread quickly? the invention of the printing press
Who was Huldrych Zwingli? What were his reforms/beliefs? Swiss reformer rejected the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist; replaced the Mass with a memorial service commemorating the Last Supper; declared that the Bible was the only source of faith and encouraged ordinary people to interpret Scripture for t
Who were the Anabaptists? What were their reforms/beliefs? rebaptizers rejected the validity of infant Baptism they baptized adults against; rejected collecting church taxes or tithes; rejected both the authority of the Church and civil government. They wanted to live in their own isolated communities; Amish and
Who was John Calvin? What were his reforms/beliefs? Frenchman; rejected the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist; believed in predestination
Explain the idea of predestination. A false doctrine that states that God, regardless of any efforts people make to live good lives on earth, chooses some people for heaven and some for hell
Describe Henry VIII’s role in the Protestant Reformation pg 130 did not set out to reform Catholic doctrine; was given the title “defender of the Faith” by the pope for speaking out against Luther’s claim that Baptism and Eucharist were valid sacraments. When his marriage did not produce a son he became angry with the
When and under whom did the Church of England begin to change significantly (when it no longer resembled the Catholic Church)? Between 1547 to 1553 Edward VI
What new society did Pope Paul III approve in 1540? For what is this society well know? Who are some famous members of this society? The Society of Jesus – Jesuits became famous for their scholarship in defense of the faith and missionary zeal; Ignatius of Loyola; Francis Xavier; Peter Canisius Robert Bellarmine; Edmund Campion 22. Which pope called for the Council of Trent? pg 131
Which pope called for the Council of Trent? Pope Paul III
During what time period did the Council of Trent meet? Which popes presided over the different sessions?pg 131  1545 to 1563 in three sessions under the leadership of Paul III, Julius III and Pius IV
What did the Council of Trent address, affirm, and require? sacraments; teaching authority of the Church; Real Presence; Devotions and sacramentals; authority and respect for clergy; predestination; salvation through faith and good works
When was the Roman Catechism finished? Who was pope when it was completed? 1566 Pope Pius V
What is the lasting significance of the Council of Trent? The Council set forth the official teachings of the Church on all important mater signaling the beginning of a substantial program of reform within the church itself
What is the Counter-Reformation? the Church’s response to the Protestant Reformation
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