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Stack #75123

Abbreviations- Charting and Histories

ASAP as soon as possible
approx. approximately
AP anterior/posterior
ave average
A&W alive and well
Ax axilary
CC chief complaint
c/d cigarettes per day
c/o complains of
DOB date of birth
DPT diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus
D&V diarrhea and vomiting
DX or dx diagnosis
ER emergency room
etiol etiology
ETOH alcohol
ext. external
f or fem female
PGM paternal grandmother
PGF paternal grandfather
FH family history
ROM range of motion
FX or fx fracture
f/u follow up
HOH hard of hearing
ht height or heart
Hosp. hospital
I&D incision and drainage
Imp impression
lat lateral
mets metastasis
MGM maternal grandmother
MGF maternal grandfather
MVA motor vehicle accident
NC no charge
n/c no complaints
NK not known
NKA no known allergies
NKDA no known drug allergies
oc office call
occ occasionally
OPV oral polio vaccine
OV office visit
PA posterior/anterior
PE physical exam
CPE complete physical exam
pre-op pre-operative
prep preparation
PT physical therapy
pt. patient
Sx symptom
T&A tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
DT diphtheria and tetanus
T temperature
TPR temperature, pulse, and respirations
tx treatment
UCHD usual childhood diseases
wt weight
Created by: ms_ragland