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General Surgery Term

Stedman's Medical Transcription Skill Builders Creating Surgical Reports

Abscess formation a circumscribed collection of purulent exudate appearing in an acute or chronic localized infection
Adhesion The adhering or uniting of 2 surfaces or parts, especially the union of the opposing surfaces of a wound
Adipose fat, fatty; composed of fat cells
Allograft a tissue or organ transplant between genetically nonidentical individual of the same species
Antrum, pl antra any nearly closed cavity
apex; apical; apically The top, end or tip of structure; pertaining to the apex
Apgar; Apgar scores Numeric evaluation of a newborn infant's physical status
Aponeurosis, pl. aponeuroses A fibrinous sheet or flat extended tendon that gives attachment to muscular fibers that serves as the means of origin or insertion of a flat muscle
Articular surface the area where 2 or more structures join or connect to allow motion between parts
Asymmetry lack of proportion between 2 similar parts
Atherosclerotic pertaining to the irregular distributions of lipid deposits in the arteries
Autogenous in transplantation, a graft in which the donor and recipient areas are in the same individual, or to blood that the donor has previously donated, and then receives back usually during surgery
Autologous in transplantation, a graft in which the donor and recipient areas are in the same individual, or to blood that the donor has previously donated, and then receives back usually during surgery
Benign denoting the mild character of an illness or nonmalignant character of a neoplasm
biopsy; biopsied, biopsies process of removing tissue from patients for macroscopic diagnostic examination
bolus masticated morsel of food or other substance ready to be swallowed (e.g. a bolus of barium for radiographic studies)
bone graft osseous tissue used for transplantation
C. abbreviation for Celsius
Calcar syn. cartilaginous spur
capsula pl. capsulae syn capsule
Cartilaginous spur a small projection of cartilage from a structure. Syn calcar
Cellulite-type resembling deposits of fat and fibrous tissue causing widespread shallow dimpling of the overlying skin
Celsium Metric unit of temperature
Chronic referring to a health-related state, lasting a long time
Coagulate; coagulated to clot, to curdle, to change from a liquid to a solid or gel
Colorectal relating to the colon and rectum, or to the entire large bowel
Compartment partitioned off portion of a larger bound space; a separate section or chamber
Contracture static muscle shortening due to tonic spasm or fibrosis; often a result of diminished muscular balance
copiously abundantly; used in great quantities
cord structures any long ropelike structure
cremasteric fibers pertaining to the cremaster muscle
crus; pl. crura a leg, or any anatomical structure resembling a leg
cystic relating to the urinary bladder; also relating to or containing cysts
Cytology; cytologic the study of cells; pertaining to the study of cells
descensus falling away from a higher position
diffuse to disseminate; to spread about
dissect; dissection to cut apart or separate the tissues of the body for study
Dosimetry calculation measurement of radiation exposure or dosage
edematous marked by an accumulation of an excessive (i.e. nonphysiologic) amount of a watery substance
effusion escape of fluid from blood vessels or lymphatics into the tissues or into a cavity
encapsulate to enclose in a capsule or sheath
endoscopic pertaining to an examination of the interior of a canal or hallow viscus by means of endoscope
erythema an area of redness due to capillary dilatation
evacuate to empty
excise; excised; excision to cut out; surgical removal of a structure or organ in whole or in part
excoriation a scratch mark; a linear break in the skin surface, usually covered with blood or serous fluid
extracorporeal outside, or unrelated to, the body or any anatomic corpus
fascial relating to any fascia
fibrofatty composed of fibrous and adipose tissue
fibroid resembling fibrous tissue
fibrous tissue composed of or containing fibroblasts, and also the fibrils and fibers of connective tissue formed by such cells
fingerbreadth; pl. fingerbreadths measurement of space about the width of one finger
fixate; fixated, fixation to firmly attach or set; the condition of being firmly attached or set
flap vascularized tissue for transplantation
flexor any muscle that flexes a joint
fluoroscopic pertaining to the examination of the tissues and deep structures of the body by x-ray penetration
frozen section a thick slice of tissue cut from a frozen specimen, often for rapid microscopic diagnosis
full-thickness resection full thickness of mucosa and submucosa or of skin and subcutaneous tissue
fundus the bottom or lowest part of a sac or hollow organ
fusion union as by joining together
graft any tissue or organ for transplantation
hemorrhoid; hemorrhoidal varicosity of external anal veins
hemostasis the arrest of bleeding or circulation in a part
Hertz (Hz) unit of sound frequency
hot biopsy surgical investigative procedure using an electrical apparatus with a probing stylette, a cannula, & some type of electrocautery; sometimes also used to describe a type of forceps used in such procedures
hydrocele collection of serous fluid in a sacculated cavity such as the testis or along the spermatic cord
imbricate; imbricated, imbrication to overlap like shingles; the operative overlapping of layers of tissue in the closure of wounds or the repair of defects
infiltrate, infiltrated, infiltrating to permeate or penetrate into a substance, cell or tissue; the act of permeating or penetrating into a substance, cell, or tissue
intraoperative radiograph an x-ray image made during surgery or an operation
isolate to separate; to set apart from others
lesioning the act of creating a pathologic change in tissues, often used to treat chronic pain
line of demarcation a line that indicates a boundary or border
linear erosion wearing away along a line, by friction or pressure
lipoma a benign tumor or mass of immature adipose (fatty) tissue
lumen the interior channel of a tubular structure
malignant having destructive properties & invasive growth; frequently fatal
meatus the exterior opening of channel; urethral opening at the tip of the penis
meconium the 1st intestinal discharge of the newborn infant
meniscus, pl. menisci crescent-shaped structure
milliliter (mL) metric unit of measurement
mucosa mucous tissue lining various tubular structures; mucous membrane
musculocutaneous syn myocutaneous relating to both muscle and skin
myocutaneous syn. musculocutaneous relating to both muscle and skin
naris, pl. nares nostril
naval, syn umbilicus the pit in the center of the abdominal wall marking the site where the umbilical cord entered in the fetus
nonunion failure of a fractured bone to heal normally
oropharyngeal pertaining to the mouth & throat
orotracheal through the mouth into the trachea
osteophyma syn osteophyte, a bony outgrowth or protuberance
osteophyte syn osteophyma, a bony outgrowth or protuberance
packed blood cells whole blood from which plasma has been removed
pedicle syn. peduncle-constricted portion of stalk, stalk that attaches a non sessile tumor to normal tissue
peduncle syn. pedicle-constricted portion of stalk, stalk that attaches a non sessile tumor to normal tissue
pedunculated having a stalk or peduncle
phlegm excessive amounts of oral mucus
plantar relating to the sole of the feet
port, portal an entry into the body, organ, or tissue
posttraumatic occuring after trauma
projection a pushing out; as an outgrowth, a protuberance
prophylactic; prophylactically preventive measure, i.e. disease prevention
prostatic bed the base of the prostate gland
prostatic chips small pieces of the prostate gland
purulent material matter containing, consisting or, or forming pus
radiation oncologist a medical doctor specializing in the use of ionizing radiation in the treatment of disease
reapproximate, reapproximated, reapproximating to bring close together again, to reattach
recalcitrant not responsive to treatment
reconstructive to rebuild or re-create
refractory resistant to treatment or stimulation
resect; resected; resection syn. excise to cut off; to excise a segment or a part
excise, excised, excision syn resect to cut off; to excise a segment or a part
retract, retracted, retraction to shorten; to pull back
retrograde fashion moving backward; opposite of antegrade fashion
scleral adhesions adhesions involving the sclera of the eye
sedation the act of calming, especially with the administration of a sedative
sheath any enveloping structure, such as the membranous covering of a muscle, tendon, or nerve
skeletonize; skeletonized; skeletonization to excise tissue down to the skeletal layer
S/P, SP abbreviation for status post refers to a patient's state or condition after an event
specimen a small part or sample of a substance or material obtained for testing
spermatocele cyst of the epididymis containing sperm
stenotic pertaining to a narrowing
subcutaneous; subcutaneously pertaining to area beneath the dermal layers of the skin
subcutaneous tissue layers beneath the dermal layers of the skin
transfuse; transfused; transfusion to transfer blood or blood component from 1 person to another; to administer a patient's stored blood
transurethral through the urethra
undermine; undermined to remove from beneath; to remove tissue from under a structure
vaginal cuff the portion of the vaginal vault remaining open to the peritoneum following hysterectomy
vault any body part or area resembing an arched roof or dome
volt unit of electromotive force
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