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Religion 110

What are the seven sacraments? Baptism; communion; confession; confirmation; marriage; ordination;last right
What is transubstantiation? When the body of christ and blood turn into bread and wine
Who was Martin Luther? He was a catholic monk, who got ideas from paul and augustine. He believed God was mad at him.
What was the reformation? It begun with Martin Luther and he believe that the church had to go back
What is sovereignty? God has chosen certain people to believe and be saved; they are the elect
What is the 1st atonement theory? and the problem Satisfaction,substation, and sacrifice; was the most popular theory; Human beings are sinners, God is angry so he must punish them, instead in sends Jesus as a sub, and he takes the punishment to satisfy Gods wrath Problem: God had already forgiven hum
What is the 2nd atonement theory? and the problem Victory theory; God did not send Jesus to die for us instead when Jesus died for us God resurrected him to fight evil, sin and death Problem: sin evil death still here
What is the 3rd atonement theory? and the problem Model theory: Jesus did not come to die and God did not want him dead, instead evil did and by getting resurrected God showed evil. Jesus died ahead of us and we are going to get resurrected Problem: Turns Jesus into human
What is the bible? Confession of faith, Happy news
Who is paul? He was an apostle on a mission, who was not interested in gods life just what he stood for, all people are in condition of sin
What was paul's revelation? Told him all people jew and non-jews are guilty of sin and disobedience of God; people have to realize that you can be close to God by faith
Who are the gnostics? Had a secret knowledge, believed a divine seed is imprison in every person; self denial (lesser god belief world is evil)
What is the 3 classes of Gnostics? 1.Gnostic-absolute certain salvation 2. Not fully Gnostics-they were capable of salvation through knowledge 3. Other-No chance
What is docetism? Seeming to be human: Jesus could not be God. Human are disgusting Jesus came and left
What is Marcionism? New testament God is different then old testament God; New test God is better old is inferior; Old is also irrelevant
According to Copenhaver, What is heaven and Hell? does not believe in heaven and hell, everyone is in the precense of God, he says don't think about it just do to make things better in this life
What is church year 1? 4 weeks before christmas is advent- its the build up too jesus brith
What is church year 2? Christmas- Jesus birth
What is church year 3? Ephinany-to make known; follows 12 days of christmas, christians remember that Jesus made his presense known
What is church year 4? Lent-means spring -6 weeks period, where christians are asked to be introspected discovering who you are, begin with ash wednesday
What is church year 5? Holy week-start with palm sunday-Maundy thursday-Jesus is commanded to wash feet that day, where last super happens and wash disciples feet.. Good friday; Romans kill Jesus and world salvation, easter sunday; resurrected Sabbath
What is church year 6? Pentecost-birthday of church, 50 days after Jesus resurrected they got holy spirit; this is how you will live
What is church year 7? Ascention-40 days after resurrection Jesus goes to heaven.
What is the visible church? According to copenhaver; Meeting, worship services, flaws, and messy
What is the invisible church? According to copenhaver; Everyone is united includes every God from churches, the holy spirit can flow freely
What is the problem with the invisible church? Makes people seem perfect even when they are not
What does the pastor do? Encourage people to stand together
Compassion is? To suffer (undergoing something)/ Jesus suffered with us
What is the chalcedon council? Meet in 451 A.C, they meet to decided how jesus works; came to the conclusion that he must be divine to take our sin, and human in order to die for us. Death of Jesus was by grace through faith
Who was N-Som? A Benedict Monk, who argued that God is greater than anything but had to be human to die for us,
What did Luther say about the cross? The cross is a reliable source, God is invincible and God concealed except God is revealed. Jumping off point is the cross
What is incarnation? God expose stuff, by sending his son affermening the world that humanity is a good thing.
What is Luther's Notion? God is always acting on opposite;; God's hand; Left=evil, Right=Good
What is the paradox of Luther and the cross? He says that talking about who God is and who he saves should not be done even though he had wrote about it; the only source should be the cross
What is planned theologian? I believe things happen for a reason
What is the use of copenhaver trinity? The trinity is a way for God not to be alone
What did carl Bart think? Everything is crap!
Who is calvin? A french theologian, who liked with luther said but wanted emphazies on why people should live,
What is the 3 moral laws according to calvin? They are law reveals and condems sin, law points to grace and christ, law provides guide of christian living;;Laws come from old testament
Who is esponiza? The father of the enlightment theory, did not agree with chrch killings, he wants the truth..
What is enlightment? Everything became reason, science and common sense
What was certain about Jesus? That he was put to death around 30 CE by the government on charges of insurrection (rebelling against the crown, Also he was a jew Nazareth and judea.
What can be probable about Jesus? He has 12 disciples, performed healing, promised grace and mercy, caused great conflict and violence, and had outline of living for everyone
What are six important things about Matthew? No messaic secrret, traced linage to david through Joseph, jesus is a raby, Angry plus powerful, turn or burn, took 2 times to heal blind man
What are seven important things about Mark? Messaic secret no one is supposed to know who he is, is going to come back to finish his work, Meets when he is an adult, new test is written on old test, only evil knows who jesus is, Jesus makes mistakes, everything happens fast
What are seven important things about John? No messaic secrret, No virgin birth, believes Jesus is God in flesh, Raises Lazarus from the dead, Jesus is ultimate divine, present at creation, speaks to any community
What are five important things about Luke? No messaic secrret, when reading to isiah Jesus announces his power, perfect in luke, virgin birth story and Mary's story, As a child fillied with wisdom, was traced to adam.
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