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Renal 12 UA tutoral

Leonard: Urinalysis Tutoral

Check for ____ with Macroscopic Urinalysis Color and turbidity
Urine dipstick chemical analysis checks... pH, Specific Gravity Protein, Glucose Ketones, Nitrite Leukocyte Esterase
Cells your looking for under microscopic UA Red blood cells White blood cells Epithelial cells
Different types of casts Hyaline cast Red cell casts White cell cast Granular cast Waxy cast
What "extra" things are you looking for with microscopic UA? Bacteria Yeast Crystals
Proper method of routine collection of urine specimen Clean-catch, midstream After cleansing the urethral meatus
Time of day for collection Early morning before ingestion of any fluid
Method for cleaning the urethral meatus Cotton sponge soaked with benzalonium hydrochloride
Collection should be done after how much of the bladder is emptied? One half
Normal pH on dipstick 6-7.4 Can be 4.5-8
Normal specific gravity on dipstick 1.002-1.035 <1.007=hydration >1.035=dehydration
+ Nitrite on dipstick Bacteria in significant numbers G- rods are more likely E. coli
+ Leukocyte esterase Presense of WBCs in the urine
Microscopic analysis significance Appearance of RBCs must be observed as they can get into the urine in other ways
Significance of renal tubular epithelial cells and oval fat bodies Nephritic syndrome increase the number of cells sloughed off Oval fat bodies occur in lipiduria
"Maltese cross" configuration Oval fat bodies with lipiduria
General cast formation Formed in the DCT by mucoprotein secretion from the tubular cells
Hyaline cast Protein casts with long, thin tails
RBC cast RBC stick together Indicative of glomerulonephritis
WBC cast typically seen in acute pyelonephritis Also with glomerulonephritis
Granular cast Cellular case in the nephron that begins to degenerate
Waxy (broad) cast granular cast in the nephron that continues to degenerate
Frequency of urine crystals Oxalate: Common Triple Phosphate: Common Cystine: Quite rare
Created by: bcriss