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Orthopedics Dx, Tx

NHTC 12 Orthopedics Dx Test, Tx, Abbreviations

EMG the process of recording the strength of the contraction of a muscle when it is stimulated by electric current
DEXA an imaging technique to measure bone density that is used to diagnose osteoporosis
uric acid test an abnormally high reading on this laboratory test is associated with gouty arthritis
sequestrectomy excision of a necrosed piece of bone
laminectomy surgical procedure performed to relieve compression of the spinal cord as in the case of a ruptured disk
internal fixation device devices such as pins, screws, wires, and nails that are used to align the bone in the open reduction of fractures
traction the use of devices, such as weights and pulleys, to align or immobilize a body part, or to relieve pressure on it
casting the application of a solid, stiff dressing, formed with plaster of Paris or other material, to a limb or body part for the purpose of immobilization during healing
corticosteroids reduce inflammation associated with arthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis
calcium used as a supplement to prevent osteoporosis
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