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Renal 13 Imaging

Maki Renal imaging

What radiologic studies need contrast? CT scan Intravenous Pyelogram MR Angiogram
Which studies have radiation? X-ray IVP CT
Which studies don't have radiation? Ultrasound MRI
What is the most common renal mass and how do you find them? Simple renal cysts (90% of all masses) Seen on ultrasound as anechoic areas (smooth, round, black hole)
What is the most common renal cancer? Renal adenocarcinoma
What does trauma to the kidney look like? Blood extending out in to Gerota's fascia There may be damage to the pancrease
Name, in order, the studies you order to look for kidney abnormalities. Plain film X-ray IVP (not so much) CT scan (if looking for stones, don't use contrast) Ultrasound MRI
What are the contraindication for contrast use in IVP? Hx of hypersensitivity Combined renal and hepatic dz Oliguria Diabetes with renal insufficiency Glucophage
How long does an IVP take? 20 minutes
What does the kidney look like on ultrasound? A football (long axis view)
What muscle do the kidneys travel next to? The psoas
Name urine draining kidney anatomy going from proximal to distal. (CIPU) Calyx Infundibulum Pelvis Ureter
What does a full column seen in IVP indicate? Possible obstruction
True/False Larger stones cause more pain. False They cause less.
What organisms are staghorn calculi associated with? Proteus Klebsiella
If you suspect a calculi, list the imaging studies in order. Abdominal X-ray Renal CT IVP Renal Ultrasound
What does a renal cyst look like on CT? No visible wall Sharply marginated Low density (0-10 H.U.)
What is the density of fat on CT? -10 to -40
Where does renal cancer metastasize most often? Lung, but also to the bone and brain.
What percentage of pts have metastasis at time of Dx? About 1/3
What is a bear paw sign? Seen on IVP as a sign of hydronephrosis
What is the range for normal kidney size? Between 9am and 13cm
In a horseshoe kidney, where are they connected? They are fused at the lower poles
What is the best way to visualize the adrenal glands? Best imaged with CT
What does adrenal adenoma look like on CT? Round, mass with Ct numbers <0
Name some causes of Renal lacerations. MVA Falls and fights Contact sports
What is the mechanism of renal lacerations? Direct blow compress the thorax and causes laceration by lower ribs Accel/decel injuries can produce renal artery tears
What are some signs and symptoms with RL? >95% hematuria 24% don't have hematuria 1-2% only have microhematuria
Created by: bcriss