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Reli 105 Test 2

Terms, locations, dates

Cyrus of Persia King of Persian Empire, conquers Babylonia Liberates Jerusalem Isaiah - "Yahweh's shepherd, anointed one"
Nebuchadnezzar Destroyed Judah, Solomon's temple King of Old Babylonia
Amos First prophet Criticized social behavior of Israel
Hosea Prophet Linked Israel+God to marriage God=husband, Israel=wife, cheating
Micah Prophet Predicted doom for Israel, death for Ahab Criticized ruling class
Isaiah of Jerusalem Prophet: Before fall to Assyria Encourages faith in Yahweh to protect Predicts Jerusalem's doom to Assyria
Jeremiah Prophet: predicts 40 years of punishment Says captivity is punishment for misdeeds
Ezekiel Prophet: strange visions God leaves temple Oracles against foreign nations Predicts more doom for Israel
Daniel Prophet: interprets Nebuchadnezzar's dreams Survives death ordeals (lions den) Predicts fall of neighbors, rise of Jews
Gabriel Angel: explains Daniel's visions
Michael Angel: defender of Israel
Satan Prosecutor, accuser in God's court Challenges God to test Job
Koholeth Author of Ecclesiastes Wisdom literature Futility of human aspirations
Job Innocent man tested by God Debates good/just cause of God Herd/children killed, boils, rewarded
Elihu/Elihaz/Bildad/Zophar Friends of Job Try to reconcile God's intentions, say Job must have sinned Elihu: says he knows God's will
Zion Jerusalem Hill that David captured, built palace
Persia Neighboring power Cyrus the Great frees Israel from captivity
Babylonia Neighboring power Nebuchadnezzar destroys Solomon's Temple, captures Judah
Assyria Conquers Israel
Sheol Underworld where dead spirits go Gloom, hopelessness, unconsciousness
598/597 BCE First captivity of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon
587/586 BCE Nebuchadnezzar destroys Solomon's Temple Judah is conquered, Jews captured
539 BCE Persians defeat the Babylons in Judah
538 BCE Cyrus frees the Jews from Babylonian rule
515 BCE Rebuilding of Solomon's Temple
333 BCE Alexander the Great conquers Israel/Palestine
Day of Yahweh Day of judgment Yahweh makes all atone for their sins
Second Isaiah Prophet: Message of hope Yahweh will bring Jews back home
Oracles Message from God Those who speak the message of God
Resurrection Dead to life Metaphor for returning Israel to glory
Third Isaiah Prophet: realities of exile Comforted people of Yahweh's plans Criticized treatment of ppor
Navi/Nabi Prophet
Pseudonimity Writing under a false name Wisdom writers
Eschatology Concern/study of the end (death or apocalypse)
Apocalyptic Literature Daniel, apocalypse Vivid imagery
Wisdom Literature Practical/ethical behavior Job, Ecclesiastes, Solomon
Zoroastrianism Religion of Persia Dualistic universe (good/evil, final battle)
Theodicy Attempt to understand God's justice
Proverb Universal wisdom statement
Created by: mwright555
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