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NT lecture1

1. How many times does Jesus emphasize "Fatherhood of God" in Johns Gospels? over 100
How does everything seem to happen in Mark's gospels? immediatly or rushed
What does Dikiasune mean? righteousness or justice
What was Jesus' first miracle, what was the occasion, and where did he perform it? Water into wine at the wedding party in Cana in Galilee
What does the “Incarnation of Christ” mean? Jesus was 100% God and 100% man
Name the four major covenants made by God. Covenant made with Abraham, Covenant given through Moses, covenant made with David, the new covenant that will be made in the Messianic Kingdom
When was the temple destroyed? ad 70
Who was the shortest gospel? mark
Why is "I am" so important in the book of John? John is saying that the same God who was at work revealing himself to the Israelites in the exodus, is now again at work in human history revealing himself in Jesus who is the Christ
Who were Jesus' three main disciples? Peter, John, James
What is the total number of commandments or laws 613
Why are Matthew, Mark, and Luke called the synoptic gospels? In many ways, Matthew, Mark, and Luke are alike, while at the same time being unlike John
What language were the gospels written in? Koine Greek
Which gospel provides the most detailed Nativity story? Luke
In what Gospel is Jesus referred to as being born King of the Jews? matthew
What was one way that paved the way for the spread of the gospel? Career of Alexander the Great, Rise of the Roman Empire, Dispersion of Jews
How many miracles does Mark record? 19
Who is the “Disciple whom Jesus loved”? john
Who was John’s brother and father? Brother was James, father was Zebedee
John’s gospel is divided into two parts, what are they? Book of Signs and the Book of Glory
What did Matthews name change from? levi
Who was Luke writing to? Generically, he was writing to the Gentiles. He mentions that he is writing to Theophilus (One who loves God)
How long was Jesus' ministry on Earth? According to the Synoptics: roughly 1 year. According to John: roughly 3 years.
What other book did the author of Luke write? acts
Who wrote Acts? luke
Where is the book of Acts concerned with the transfer of the center of interest from Jerusalem to? Antioch
. True or False, Jesus is referred to as " The Sent One". true
Who replaced Judas? Matthias
When was the promise of the Holy Spirit delivered and fulfilled in Acts? Pentecost
What is Pentecost? For Jews: Celebration of the first fruits of the harvest. For Christians: the day that the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples
Why was Peter crucified upside down? He didn't feel like he should die the way his master Jesus had
What book is believed to be finished by the believers? Name the group that believes in this. acts, acts 29
When does Pentecost take place relating to Passover? 7 weeks after
. Who denied Jesus? simon 3 times
Where was Jesus from? Nazareth
. What ruler sentenced Jesus to death? Pontius Pilate
. True or False: Is Jesus known as the Ultimate Missionary? true
What does Egw,eium mean? i am
. Did Jesus value leisure? yes
When was Matthew written? Between AD55 & AD68
T/F One of Matthew’s purposes for writing the Gospel was to connect the message of the New Testament with the gospel false
T/F In the gospel Matthew, the word kingdom appears less than 30 times. false
In which gospel is Christ’s genealogy traced back to Abraham? Matthew
. T/F Matthew is referred to as the Gospel of Fulfillment true
Who was the cousin of Barnabas? mark
. What is one story that is unique to Mark’s gospel? ? Parable of seed growing secretly, healing of dead and dumb man, healing of blind man of Bethsaida, sayings of salt, and flight of young man in the garden
What is the definition of intercalation Interpreting one event by weaving it into another event
T/F Mark’s writing is graphic, realistic, and detailed true
How does Mark feel about discipleship? Its about staying in relationship, not achieving success
How can Mark’s style of writing be described? Colloquial, Unrefined Greek
Is Paul still alive at the conclusion of Acts? unknown- but yes
What was Luke's profession? Physician
How do the Jehova's Witnesses mistranslate John 1:1? “The Word was a god”
What are the Disciples also called? i.e. the 12 ____? Apostles… later plus Paul
What was the first group of believers that the Bible referred to as Christians, according to Acts 11:26? Believers in Antioch
Who was the only disciple that did not die as a martyr? John
Who was entrusted with the care of Jesus' mother? John the Apostle (disciple).
According to John, how long was Jesus' ministry? 3-3.5 years
. How is Christ portrayed in Luke? i.e. the Son of ____? man
. Which person was the 2nd choice to replace Judas as the 12th disciple? What two other names was he known by? His name was Joseph, but he was also known as Barsabbas and Justus.
Who was Matthew's primary audience? jews
. Name the 3 parables in Luke that are not found in the other Gospels . "friend at midnight," the "unjust judge," and the "Pharisee and the publican.
Which gospel was known as the "universal gospel?" john
Which two narratives are left out in Mark that are included in all the other gospels? Jesus' birth and resurrection
Which Gospel writer referred to himself as a publican? matthew
What does Messiah mean? Anointed One
. Which gospel was a tax collector under Herod? matthew
. How many times does John emphasize the salvation and fatherhood of God? over 100 times
T/F Books of Acts and Luke directed to an individual named Theophilus. true
T/F The gospel of Mark is said to be "a tale of mystery" true
T/F Mark is one of the longest gospels false
T/F Mark portrays disciples "positively". false
Matthew is considered a link between what? old and new testament
. What city is a focal point in Luke? jeruselum
. Luke was called a ______ & a ______ in ( Ch.7:34 ) & ( Ch. 5:33) glutton and drunkard & a friend of tax collectors and sinners. Ch. 5:33 describes his disciples as doing the same.
Who was Mark writing to? He wrote his gospel for Gentile readers who were not familiar with the Old Testament Scriptures.; Primarily writing to the Romans
What gospel deals a lot with suffering? mark
What is Jesus' unique identity found in the Gospel of John and why is it significant? John presents Jesus as the Word. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God," It is significant because being the word, Jesus revealed the Father and his will.
How many times are the words "Kingdom of Heaven" used in Matthew? 33
How many times are the words "Kingdom of God" used in Matthew? 5
How many times is the word "Kingdom" used in Matthew? 50
. Which gospel uses the words "righteous" and "righteousness" more than any all the other gospels combined? matthew
The Old Testament is the New Testament ________; the New Testament is the Old Testament _________. concealed, revealed,
God's covenant agreement with His people today was sanctified by _______'s blood. christs
Who was Agrippa? last of the herrods
What is the purpose of the Gospel of John that you may come to believe that jesus is the messiah, the son of god, and through believing youmay have life in his name
Where is the Great Commission found in John? It is the first time Christ functions as the _____ . john 20:21 the sender
What was Jesus know as in the gospel of John the sent one
What person is Acts written in? first person plural
Acts is known for spreading the gospel to what specific group of people? gentiles
How does Acts portray contact with government officials recieves a favorable hearing or is ignored
True or False: God's power over history is a key theme in Acts. true
Acts 1-12 is mostly about the Apostle _____ and Acts 13-28 is more about the Apostle _____. peter, paul
Who was in power when John the Baptist began his ministry? Tiberius Caesar
How does Luke divide the Acts historical record into two different sections biographical in nature? Peter, Paul
What book of the New Testament is the book of acts most similar to Luke
The book of Acts records the history of Christianity about how many years after Christ's ascended to heaven? 30 years
What are the two reasons that Matthew was written? A) To connect the messag of the Old Testament to the Gospel B) To demonsrate the prophesies fulfilled by Jesus
. Where was the gospel first preached? jeruselum
Which bishop said that Jesus was not God, but instead a human who was below God? What was this belief called? Arius, Arianism
. What was the reason that the Jews celebrated Pentecost? Celebration of the first fruits of the harvest
What is Pax Romana and the time period? Roman Peace, by force, 207 years (27 BC-180 AD)
What is typology? Preview of eventsto come, fortelling
Which country was in power during the Messiah? rome
What must a competent witness give? A clear and accurate testimony
What was Acts intended to provide for a wide audience of both believers and non-believers? Historical account to meet the needs of the Jews and Gentiles- yes
Who was present at the raising of Jarius' daughter? john
Who were the three witnesses of Jesus' Transfiguration? Peter, James, and John
Created by: BreezyBoo
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