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Social Studies-1

acient india

Large Landmass that is smaller than a continent is? Subcontinent
The most important language of ancient India is? Sanskri
What divided Indian society into social classes based in a person's birth, wealth, or occupation? Caste System
The process of rebirth for one's soul is? Reincarnation
People who spread their religious beliefs are? Missionaries
Indus river valley is located on the continent of? Asia
1st people to establish a civilization in Indus river valley are? Harappans
The 2 oldest known planned communities are the? Planned communities were establish with a set plan. Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa
Each city is a _______ (fortress) built on a mound to protect from floods. citadel
Religion: the people were ___________ (belief in many gods) polythestic
Ancient indian writing was called _______, and it still is used today. sankrit
Harrapans eventually declined and the ______ took over. Aryans
Aryans developed a social class system called the? Caste System- it was not common to move between varnas (Aryan social classes) Caste System
Priests/ religious leaders are? Brahmins
Warriors and rulers are? Khstriayas
Merchants, farmers, and craftsmen are? Vaisyas
Peasant farmers or servants are? Sudras
There was also a group of people who were not considered to be in a class called the? These people had no rights and did the worst sort of jobs no one else wanted. Untouchables
The world's oldest living religion is? Hinduism
It is ____________ but believed in one god that took on many different forms. Polytheistic
Hindu's sometimes referred to as? Henotheistic
The belief in one god without denying the existence of the others is? Henotheism
They believed in (the constant rebirth of a soul) Reincarnation
Ultimate goal was to fulfill their (religious & moral duties) Dharma
A spiritual advisor or teacher in Hinduism is called a? Brahmin
The collection of Hindu sacred texts (books) is called the? Vedas
Religion:__________ founded by a prince named? Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama
Siddhartha was called (enlightened one) Buddha
Goal of everyone was to reach (become one with the universe) Nirvana
Teachings based on the? -Suffering exists -Suffering arises from attachment -Suffering ceases when the attachment desires ceases -freedom fro suffering is possible by practicing the eight-fold path. Four Noble truths
Created by: zunzooni3
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