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French Revolution

The Declaration of Independence a document that was originally designed by Thomas Jefferson in 1776. This document discussed what was wrong with English ruling over America. It was in three sections: a statment of princle, listofcomplaints against King George III and the actualy serper.
Stamp Act It was a tax put on the Americans by the British. they would tax any printed materials in the colony. ex: legal documents, magazines, newspapers
"No Taxation Without Representation" it was a slogan used by americans who didnt think it was fair that they were being taxed even though the british didnt exactly rule there government. this started the american revolution
The Boston Tea Party a direct action by boston colonists who wouldnt buy or sell tea to show England they dont need them
The Articles of Confederation was an agreement among the 13 founding states that legally established the United States of America as a confederation of sovereign states and served as its first constitution. it sort of made the whole Constitution official
The Constitution it is the bases of the relationship with citizens, states and people of the United states. It is the peoples voice on paper
The Bill of Rights the first ten amendments to the consitution. amendments are like fixes or changes
The French Revolution, started in 1789. based off of the American Revolution. Started because the price of bread rose because france needed the money after supporting the American Revolution
The Old Regime political and social system created in france which was replaced by a series of different governments.
bourgeoisie middle class. it was part of the Third Estate. this class over threw the Old Regime because it was giving more power to clergy and nobility.
The Estates General A political and social system that had three groups: Clergy, Nobility, and commoners (bourgeoisie). it was later over thrown by the commoners because they weren't getting fair treatment
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen the document of the French Revolution that the three estates equally created so everyone becomes happy, the rights are universal.
Louis XVI the people loved him at first but then towars the end of the Revolution he was hated. he raised the price of bread and wanted there to still be the concept of the old regeim and give higher class more power. He was sentenced to death by the guillotine
Marie Antoinette wife of Louis XVI. from Austria, always dressed well and she was despised as the queen because of it. sentenced to death after her children were ripped away from her during the French revolution
Estates- General of 1789 it was a meeting with all of the estates. they would discuss governments finacial problems summonded by Louis XVI. its was brought to an end when the third estate started there own National Assembly
Tennis Court Oath people of the third estate signed this pledge when they were locked out of the Estate General meeting. this was signed on the first day of the Revolution in the tennis courts
Fall of the Bastille it was the storming of Bastille which was a jail. The revolting went in and killed everyone.
National Assembly formed by the Third Estate when upperclassmen wouldn't let them game power in society and government. They ushered the French Revolution
Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen it was a document during the revolution that was created so that everyone was equal as individuals.
Maximillien Robespierre one of the most influential people in the French Revolution. he was the supporter of "the incorruptible"
George Jacques Danton leading figure in the early stages of the French revolution. he was guillotined by the advocates of revolutionary terror after accusations of venality and leniency to the enemies of the Revolution.
Battle of Valmy the first major victory for the france army during the revolution
Guillotine a killing device that was a civil way of killing people because it cause no pain
The Reign of Terror a time after the revolution that was a mass excution of "enemies of the revolution" anyone could be killed for saying one little thing
Jean Paul Marat a french radical and journalist who created the paper for the Revolution. he was very pro revolution and was the one who kept saying that people should be killed if they were against the revolution
Committee of Public Safety created during the Reign of Terror which protected the public from unessacary danger
additional information the first three reason for the revolution is the revolt of nobility and not paying taxes, the formation of National Assembly, and the storming of Bastille
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