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C.H. ch 4

Church History chpater 4

the place where baptisms are celebrated; originally a separate building and now typically a section of a church baptistery
a Greek word meaning "king's hall"; currently the term is used to designate a certain church of historical signifigance that continues to play an important part in the religious life of a particular region basilica
"the state or condition of those who have chosen to remain unmarried for the sake of the kingdom of heaven in order to give themselves entirely to God and to the service of His people" celibacy
King of the Franks who was corwned Roman Emperor by the pope in 800 Charlemagne
King Pepin's designation of the central part of Italy to be governed by the pope Donation of Pepin
our participation in the life of God. "Grace is favor, the free and undeserved help that God gives us to respond to his call to become children of God, adoptive sons, partakers of the divine nature and eternal life." grace
follows a simple melody. it is chanted in monophonic ritualistic pattern in plainsong Gregorian chant
Church of the Holy Wisdom built in Constantinople and currently and serving as a museum in Istanbul, Turkey Hagia Sophia
the flight of Msulims from Mecca to Mendina in 622; event marks the beginning of the Muslim calender hijrah
a monotheistic religion based on submission to God's will, believed to hav ebeen revealed to Muhammed in the early seventh century Islam
Season and feasts of the Church year to mark events in the life and Paschal mystery of Christ as well as the lives of Mary and the Saints liturgical church
people who spread the Christian message to toher people, usually in other lands missionaries
Founder of the Islamic religion Muhammed
members of the religion of Islam muslims
part of Italy the pope ruled until 1870 Papal States
a Christian bishop of the early Church in certain major cities of the Roman Empire, this title is still in use in Eastern Churches today patriarch
3 days of prayer and penance before Solemnity of the Ascension to ask God's blessing on the harvest Rogation Days
one of the Church's Sacraments of healing and forgiveness; the sacrament through which those who sin are reconciled with God and the Church Sacrament of Reconciliation
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