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Ellen c

theology chapter 4

empolys an anthromorphic view of God (4 sources) Yahwist
places great emphasis on morality and the law (4 sources) Deuteronomist
Places great emphasis on the prophecies oh Elijah and Elisha (4 sources) Elohist
Includes census lists, genealogies, numbers and dates Priestly
Tells stories from the northern kingdom'd viewpoint, emphasizing the monarchy Elohist
Refers to God as Elohim and was the last of the four tradtitons put into writing priestly
Uses the name YHWH for God yahwist
Highlights the speaches of Moses Deuteronomist
What are four religious truths the Priestly account of creation want to reveal 1. there is only one God 2. God planned creation 3. Everything God made is good 4. The sabbath is special day of rest & worship
Which three stories in the book of Genesis show how sin spreads in the word following the sin of Adam and Eve cain & Abel, Noah & the Flood & the Tower of Babel
what three promises did God make to Amram 1. I will make you a great nation 2. I will bless you 3. I will make your name great & everyone will find you blessed
True of False? Jacob was able to secure the family's inheritance that should have gone to his brother Esau true
true or falso? Joseph's gift of interpreting dreams helped Egypt to survive a famine true
In what 3 ways does Joseph prefigure Jesus Jesus is beloved son, sold for silver and saved people
The book of _______ takes up the story of the chosen people around ___ centuries after the death of _____________ when they were living in Egypt. By 1500 BC the new kings of _____ had ________ the Chosen People Exidus, 4, Jacob & Joseph, Egypt, enslaved
True or False? We commerate Jesus sacrifice and saving actions every time we celebrate the Passover? False everytime we celebrate the Eucharist
What things did God porvide the Chosen People in the desert water, food (mana, quail), protection from amalities
What three things were stipulated in the Sinai Covenant? 1. bound God & Chosen People in a personal loving union 2. revealed Gods special love and mercy for them 3. obeyed God
True or False? The terms of the covenant were sealed by building an altar and by sacrificing some young bulls and splashing their blood on the people and the altar true
True or False? The book of numbers records the constant murmuring of God- his complaints, discontentment, and rebellion against Moses False the Heberew not God
True or False? Deuteronomy teaches that revenge is a sign of God's love false disipiline not revenge
what were the 10 pleges? 1 water into blood 2 frogs 3 gnats 4 flies 5 pestilence 6 boils 7 nails 8 locutus 9 darkness 10 death of 1st born son
Created by: echurch
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