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3550 termin wk 1

terminology and abbrev.

OS Operating System
CPU Central Processing Unit
PDA Personal Digital Assisant
RAM Random Access Memory
ROM Read only memory
RAID Redundent Array of Independent disks
TPMS Total Practice Management Systems
USB Univerisal Serial bus
WAN Wide Area Network
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
CD Compact Disk
DVD Digital Video Disks
MAC Media Access Control
PIN Personal Indenfication Number
Central Processing Unit the brain of the computer performs instruction defined by software.
Input Device A device used to input data to a computer
Output Device A device used to output data from a computer.
Firewall A hardware device or software program designed to prevent unauthorized access to a computer system
Driver A computer program designed to convert data output from one device to a format compatable with another device
Data storage devices a device capable of permanently or temporarly storing digital data
Hardware Physical equipment used by the computer system to process data
Networking Connecting two or more computers together to share files and hardware.
Internet A worldwide publicly accessable network of networks and computers.
Applacation Software Software the performs a specfic data-processing funtion.
Created by: Lanealto88