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Heim Quartly

Homo Sapien Up-right walker, apposable thumb, canine vision "doubly wise man" "Cro magnom"
Neanderthalenis Larger Brain, made better tool, cave dwellers, could use/make fire "Neaderthal man"
Australopithecture didnt make tools, food gatherer, nomadic, 1 pound brain, 1 ft, 100 pound "southern ape like man"
Homo Habilis "handy man" 2 pd, 4-5 ft, 100-120 pd capable of speech, tool maker(simple tools),nomadic,adoption
Homo erectus "up right man" 2 pd, 5-5 1/2, human like teeth, made better tools, they used fire, nomadic, hunter & gatherers, more complex speech
678 B.C. 7th century B.C.
1100 A.C. 12th A.C.
111 2nd
1345 14
1600 16
1568 16
1903 20
Seventeenth 1601-1700
Nineteenth 1801-1900
First 1-100
Ninth 801-900
B.C. Before Christ
A.C. Annodomine
Decade 10 years
Century 100 years
millimean 1000 years
Man "homo"
Charles Dawson(natural selection) When a person develops a trait that is useful you will be more likely to survive and have children to pass it on.
Mongoloid Asian-Ivory-Extra Skin Flap
Negroid Dark/Light brown skin- African/African American
Caucasoid Central European
Race A group of people having a number of physical characteristics in common.
Indus River India
Yellow River China
Sumer River Middle East
Nile River Egypt
Surplus of Water 1
Long growing season 2
Agricultural Society 3
Surplus of food 4
Thinking about more than food 5
people performing other tasks 6
Govt 7
Record keeping 8
trading commerce 9
development of city life 10
Leisure Time 11
Written Language 12
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