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Mr. Haman's class, Ch.4 vocab and Study Guide

Which of the following would be an example of popular culture? A large heterogeneous group in an urban area
Folk groups are diffused by? Relocation Diffusion
Country Music developed where? Central Tennessee
A restriction on the behavior imposed by a social custom is called a? taboo
Most Cultural Hearts were originally located in? River valleys
The clearest example of folk culture today is? Amish in southeast Pennsylvania
Which of the following would be considered non-material culture? a belief
The saltbox style house is associated with which region of the U.S.? Northeast
When one ethnic group becomes integrated into a larger culture it is called? Assimilation
Which of the following explains how quickly innovations diffuse today and refers to how interlinked two places are? Time-space compression
Which of the following would be an example of a cultural trait? Wearing a turban
Which of the following is NOT an example of cultural landscape? a rain forest
Which of the following best accounts for the widespread appeal of American-made movies? the diffusion of popular culture
Toponymy is the study of? Place names
The practice of evaluating a culutre by its own standards, and not by the standards of one's own culture is? cultural relativism
Which of the follwoing is true of folk cultures? they are likely to contribute to local diversity
Culture from its simplest component to its most complex organization? Cultural trait, cultural complex, cultural region
A type of cultural diffusion in which a basic idea, although not a specific culture trait itself, sparks imitative behavior is called? stimulus diffusion
a more or less equal exchange of cultural traits between two or more regions is called? transculturation
a practical style of house that originated in New England and diffused to nearby cold-weather areas is the? saltbox
A person who burns an American flag during a political demonstration is hoping to make an impact based on the use of cultural... symbolism
What characteristic is associated with groups that practice folk culture? isolation
What two factors explain the spatial differences between folk and popular culture? origin and diffusion
The spread of popular culture typically follows the process of ____ from the hearths or nodes of innovation Hierarchial diffusion
While the Amish are small in population... The Amish are widely dispersed
What are the hearths of U.S. folk housing forms? New England, Middle Atlantic, Lower Chesapeake, and Tidewater
What U.S. popular housing style was popular in the late 60's and characterized by a high pitched roof? shed
How does popular culture generally threaten folk culture? loss of folk clothing, subservience of women, dominance of new media in LDC's, diversity of local cultures
What are some environmental impacts of popular culture? uniformity of the landscape, increased demand for resources, pollution
Soccer began as? an English folk custom
Custom a frequent repetition of an act to the extent that it becomes a characteristic of the group performing the act
assimilation when one ethnic group becomes integrated into a larger culture
taboo a restriction on behavior imposed by a social custom
terrior the contribution of a location's distinctive physical features to the way food tastes
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