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Advanced World History Chapter 6 Section 1

Roman Sky God, weapon thunderbolt, like Greek god Zeus Jupiter
Wife of Jupiter, mother of Mars and Vulcan, goddess of women marriage and childbirth, like Greek goddess Hera Juno
Sun, God of music, prophesy, cattle and light, like Greek god Apollo Apollo
Moon, Goddess of the moon, carried bows and arrows, goddess of hunting and childbirth, like Greek god Artemis Diana
Daughter of Jupiter, goddess of wisdom, arts and crafts, like Greek goddess Athena Minerva
Worshiped in spring, dear to soldiers about to fight, Goddess of Love, like Greek goddess Aphrodite Venus
Son of Jupiter, God of war, important to soldiers, like Greek god Ares Mars
Roman mythology is like this mythology Greek
Roman mythology believes gods control Weather, food, and life
Who wrote the myth of Aeneas? Vergil
What was Vergil's poem called? The Aeneid
A narrative poem celebrating a character's heroic deeds Epic
Romans liked to be affiliated with this person because he was a hero who fought the Greeks in the Trojan War. Aeneas
Legend says Aeneas was related to the founders of Rome through a string of kings. Who were those founders? Romulus and Remus
Romans valued Romulus and Remus because they valued what? Strength
Rome was founded near what River because of strategic location and fertile soil; it was near the sea, but not on the sea, giving access to trade, but distance from war ships, what river? Tiber
Why did the settlements on each of the 7 hills band together? Religious games
Island under the "boot" of Italy Sicily
City that borders Mediterranean Sea and is close to the Tiber River Rome
Continent across from Sicily Africa
What mountain range is at the top of Italy? Alps
Area above the Alps Gaul
What river is near Rome? Tiber
What sea is below Italy and Sicily? Mediterranean
What Sea is east (to the right) of Italy? Adriatic Sea
What city is on the Mediterranean Sea, on the tip of Africa across from Sicily? Carthage
A harsh tyrant who was driven from power and caused Rome to decide against having kings and instead to form a Republic King Tarquin the Proud
Wealthy land owners who held most of the power patricians
Common farmers, artisans and merchants who made up the majority of the population plebeians
People who protected the rights of plebeians from unfair acts by the patrician officials. tribunes
Where the 12 clay tables hung that stated the laws; political center of Rome Forum
300 members chosen from upper class Roman citizens, responsible for legislative and administrative functions, decided foreign policy Senate
2 officials; commanded army and directed government; limited power, 1 year term; one could veto the other Consuls
Citizen soldiers, members for life, select consuls, make laws Centuriate Assembly
Citizens grouped by where they live, elect tribunes and make laws Tribal Assembly
Eight judges, 1 year term, chosen by Centuriate Assembly -- 2 do civil and criminal, 6 govern areas Praetors
Adult male landowners citizen
A form of government in which power rests with citizens who have the right to vote for their leaders Republic
A leader chosen in times of crisis, had absolute power for six months, chosen by consuls and elected by senate. Dictator
Roman's placed great value on these two systems. government and military
Citizens who owned land were required to do this: serve in army
Large military units of Roman soldiers Legions
Roman legion of 5,000 heavily armed foot soldiers infantry
soldiers on horse back who supported each legion cavalry
80 men part of a legion century
Military organization and fighting skill of the Roman army lead to, Rome's greatness
Rome expanded its territories through... trade and conquest
By 265 BC, Romans eventually dominated what area? Italy
In order to dominate Italy the Romans defeated what two groups? Estruscans and Greeks
Conquered Latins had what status in Rome? full citizenship
Some conquered peoples farther from Rome had what status? citizenship but no vote
Some conquered people far from Rome had what status? Allies of Rome
what type of policy towards defeated enemies helped Rome build a long lasting empire? lenient
what city interfered with Roman accesses to the Med. sea Carthage
220 year series of 3 wars between Rome and Carthage Punic Wars
War in which Rome and Carthage fought for Sicily and the western Mediterranean for 23 years first Punic War
Who won the first Punic War? Rome
Carthaginian general who lead a long and brilliant military attack against Rome in the second Punic War Hannibal
Hannibal's attack on Rome was considered brilliant because he attacked from Spain, across France and though the Alps.
Hannibal's greatest victory Battle of Cannae
Roman's held Hannibal back, and won this 10 year war 2nd Punic War
Rome finally triumphed in what Punic War 3rd Punic War
Roman general who attacked Carthage in the 3rd Punic War Scipio
When Rome captured this city it was set on fire and its citizens were sold into slavery Carthage
Rome's victories n theses wars gave it dominance over the western Mediterranean The Punic Wars
A written law code that established the idea that all free citizens had a right to protection under the law. Twelve Tables
The first geographic area Rome conquered. Italian Peninsula
This final battle when Rome's General Scipio defeated Carthage's Hannibal near Carthage. Battle of Zama
Rome's victory in the Punic Wars gave it dominance over what area? Western Mediterranean Sea
After the Punic Wars this territory was dominated by Rome. Anatolia to Spain
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