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Medical Terms GHI

Gallon gal
gall bladder GB
Growth Hormone GH
gastrointestinal GI
grain gr
drop gt, gtt, gttts
glucose tolerance test GTT
gynecology gyn
h2o water
h2o2 hydrogen peroxide
H hypodermic injection
high blood pressure HBP
hepatitis B virus HBV
human chronic gonadotrophon HCG
hematocrit hct
high density lipoproteins HDL
hemoglobin Hbg, hb
Health insurance portability and accountablity Act HIPAA
health maintenance virus HMO
hard of hearing HOH
hormone replacement therapy HRT
history Hx, hx
intensive coronary care unit ICCU
intensive care unit ICU
infectious hepatitis IH
intramuscular IM
injection inj
isolation Isol, isol
intravenous IV
-genesis develpment, production, creation
Genito- organs of reproduction
gingiv- gums, gingiva
gluc- (o) sweetness, sugar, glucose
gyn- woman, female
hem- blood
hemi- half
hepta- liver
herni- rupture
hetero- different, other, unlike
hist- tissue
hom- same, like
hydro- water
hypno- sleep
hypo- decreased, deficient, low, under, less than normal
-oa, -iasis condition of, abnormal
-ic, -ac pertaining to
idio- peculiar to an individual
infra- beneath, below
inter- between, among
intra- within, into, inside
iso- equal, alike, same
-itis inflammation, inflammation of
Created by: shelbydalgai