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Patient Safety 1)do not perform any procedures on patients unless instructed and properly authorized. 2)provide privacy for all patients.-ALWAYS knock/announce before entering pt room.
3 ways to identify your patient 1)check wrist band 2)repeat name twice (at least) 3)check name on patient record/bed
other ways to identify your patient 1)explain all procedures before you begin 2)observe patient closely during any procedure 3)check all areas for safety hazards 4)observe all checkpoints
safety checkpoints 1)pt in compfortabel postition 2)side rails elevated 3)bed at lowest level 4)wheels locked 5)call signal within reach 6)open privacy curtains 7) area neat and clean 8)no hazards present
safety 1) hcw must be aware of personal and patient safety-legally 2)hcw must follow all safety procedures 3)hcw has a legal responsibility to protect patient from harm and injury
fire requires 1) oxygen found in the air 2)fuel any material that will burn 3)heat-sparks, matches, flames
causes of fire MAJOR: carelessness with smoking and matches
causes of death due to fire Panic/Fear
class a estinguisher 1)contains pressurized water 2)used on combustibles such as paper, cloth, wood
class b estinguisher 1)contains carbon dioxide co2 2)used on gasoline, oil, paints, burning, liquids, & cooking fats
class c estinguisher 10 xontains a dry chemical (potassium bicarbonate, & potassium chloride) 2) used on electrical fires- nonconducting agent 3)can also be used on burning liquids for smothering action
class abc estinguisher 1) contains graphite -type chemical 2)multipurpose extinguisher used for all types of fire 3) leaves residue damaging to the skin &eyes
P P-pull the pin
A A-aim the estinguisher at the near edge & bottom/base of the fire
S S-squeeze the handle to discharge the estinguisher
S2 S2-sweep the estinguisher from side to side
R R- rescue anyone in immediate danger
A A- activate the alarm
C C- confine the fire
E E- extinguish the fire
Created by: lovin2danse