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Medical Terms Review

Ultra- Excessive
Therapeut/o Treatment
Pharmaceut/i Drugs or medicine
Percussion Tapping the body with the fingertips or fist to evaluate internal organs
Palpation Feeling the texture, size, consistency, and location of certain body parts with the hand
Thermometer Instrument used to measure temperature
Positron emission tomography Combining tomography and radioactive substances to produce enhanced images
Narcotics Substances that produce insensibility or stupor
Neoplasm May be malignant or benign
Chronic An adjective that describes a disease showing little change or slow progression
Leukopenia A deficiency of white blood cells
Omphalic Pertaining to the navel
Antibodies Immunoglobulins that are formed to act against foreign cells or substances
Erythropoiesis The production of red blood cells
Onychomalacia Softening of the nails
Lacrimation Crying
Thoracotomy Surgical incision of the chest cavity
Onychomycosis A fungal disease of the nails
Osteoid Resembling bone
Extention The movement that brings the leg into a straight position
Costectomy Excision of a rib
Craniotomy Incision of the cranium
Myasthenia gravis Disease characterized by great muscular weakness
Craniectomy Excision of a portion of the skull
Intercostal Between the ribs
Patellofemoral Kneecap and the thigh bone
Osteomalacia A skeletal disorder in adults characterized by a distubance in bone metabolism and commonly caused by a deficiency of vitamin D
Embolus A mass of undissolved matter present in a vessel and brought there by the circulating blook
Cerbrovascular accident Stroke
Lymphangiography Roentgenography of the lymphatic vessels and nodes
Cardiopulmonary Pertaining to the heart and lungs
Myocarditis The heart muscle
Angiocardiography Roentgenography of the heart and great vessels
Pericarditis Inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart
Pharyngitis Inflammation of the throat
Spirometry The measurement of the amount of air taken into and expelled from the lungs
Aphasia The inability to communicate through speech, writing, or signs caused by improper functioning of the brain
Pharynx The throat
Pulmonary lobectomy Excision of a lobe of the lung
Laryngalgia Painful larynx
Aphonia Absence of voice
COPD A disease process that causes decreased ability of the lungs to perform their ventilator function
Tracheobronchial Pertaining to the windpipe and the bronchi
Bradypnea Abnormally slow breathing
Thoracic Chest
Rhinoplasty Plastic surgery of the nose
Ventilator Machine for prolonged artificial respiration
Gastroscopy Examination of the stomach with an endoscope
Biliary Refers to bile
Alimentation The process of providing nutrition for the body
Hepatomegaly Enlarged liver
Duodenum, jejunum,ileum Each part of small intestine
Gastric lavage Washing out of the stomach
Vagotomy Procedure that is performed to decrease the amount of gastric juices by severing the nerves that control their release
Diverticulitis Inflammatio of a small sac or pouch in the intestinal tract causing stagnation of feces and pain
Sialography Radiographic examinatio of the salivary glands and duct
Periodontics Branch of dentistry that specializes in the tissue that invests and supports the teeth
Proctologist Physician specializing in diseases of the anus, rectum, and colon
Anorexia Loss of appetite for food
Glomerulonephritis A type of nerhpritis in which the glomeruli of the kidney are
Glomerulus The part of the nephron that filters the blood
Cystocele A bladder hernia that protrudes onto the vagina
Uremia A toxic condition of the body that is associated with failure of the kidneys to function properly
Glycosuria Sugar in the urine
Endometritis Inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus
Vaginal An adjective that refers to the birth canal
Amniocentesis Surgical puncture of the amnion
Orchiopexy Sugical fixation of an undescended testicle
Gynecology The study of diseases of the female reproductive organs
Testosterone A hormone that is important in the development and maintenance of male sexual characteristics
Hydrocele A serous tumor of the testis
Colposcopy An examination using an instrument that magnifies the vaginal mucosa
Metrorrhagia Bleeding from the uterus at any time other than during the menstrual period
Ectopic pregnancy Abnormal implantation of a fertilized ovum outside the uterus
Liposuction A cosmetic procedure to remove or reduce localized areas of fat
Necrosis Death of tissue or bone that is surrounded by healthy parts
Onychopathy Disease of the nails
Pustule Visible collection of pus beneath the epidermis
Ulcers Deep, irregular erosion
Frostbite Damage to the skin, tissues, and blood vessels as a result of prolonged exposure to cold
Psychosis Any major mental disorder characterized by gross impairment in reality testng and often characterized by inappropriate miid and diminished impulse control
Meningocele Herniation of the meninges
Cerebral aneurysm Localized dilation of the wall of a cerbral artery
Multiple sclerosis A chronic disease of the central nervous system in which there is progressive destruction of the myelin sheaths of the neurons
Chemoreceptors Nerve endings that detect chemicals
Agorahpobia An irrational fear of open spaces
Anorexia Absence of appetite
Androgen A substance that producesor stimulates the development of male characteristics
Hypersecretion Increased release of a chemical substance by a gland
Dwarfism A disease caused by hyposecretion of growth hormone during childhood
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