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Abbreviations l-z

Medical prefixes, suffixes, and word roots

-lepsy seizure, convulsion
-logy study of, science of
lymph- (o) lymph tissue
mal- bad, abnormal, disordered, poor
-megaly, mega- large, enlarged
micro- small
mono- one, single
-mortem death
multi- many, much, a large amount
my- (o) muscle
myel- (o) bone marrow, spinal cord
neuro- (o) nerve, nervous system
ocul- (o) eye
-ologist person who does/studies
-oma tumor, a swelling
-opia vision
-orrhea flow, discharge
orth- (o) normal, straight
ost- (e, eo) bone
-otomy cutting into
para- near, beside, beyond, abnormal, lower half of the body
path- (ia, o, y) disease, abnormal, condition
-penia lack of, abnormal, reduction in number, deficiency
-pepsia, -pepsis digestion
per- through by, excessive
peri- around
phleb- (o) vein
-phobia fear
-pnea breathing
poly- many, much
post- after, behind
pre- before, in front of
pro- in front of, forward
pseudo- false
psych- (i, o) pertaining to the mind
pulmon- (o) lung
pyr- (o) heat, fever
quad- (ra, ri) four
radi- (o) X-rays, radiation
re- back, again
recto- (o) rectum
retro- backward, in back, behind
-rrhagia sudden or excessive flow
-rrhea flow, discharge
-rrhexis rupture of, bursting
sarc- (o) malignant (cancer) connective tissue
-sarcoma tumor, cancer
scler- (o) hardening
-scopy observation
-sect cut
semi- half, part
steno- contracted, narrow
sub- less, under, below
sup- (er, ra) above, upon, over, higher in postion
ten- (do, o) tendon
-therapy treatment
therm- (o,y) heat
thromb- (o) clot, thrombus
-tox (ic) poison
trach- (e, i, o) trachea, windpipe
tri- three
-trophy nutrition, growth, development
ultra- beyond, excess
uni- one
ur- (o) urine, urinary tract
-uria urine
vas- (o) vessel, duct
ven- (a) vein
vertebr- (o) spine, vertebrae
vit- (a) necessary for life
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