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Vet Tech Terms1

beginning vet tech terms

Uni- one
Bi- two
Di- two
Tri- three
Semi- half
Demi- half
Hemi- half
Mono- one
diplo- double
Multi- many
Poly- many
ambi- both
amphi- both
chloro- green
cyano- blue
erythro- red
leuko- white
melano- black
xantho- yellow
derma- skin
cyte- cell
oma- tumor
opia sight
emia condition of blood
-e object or part
-y a process
-ia condition
-ic describes or causing, associated with
-al pertaining to
-ar describes or resembling
-ac describes affected with
abdomino abdomen
angiology study of blood and lymph vessels
abdominal cavity space between the thorax and pelvis
acro extremity; highest
acromegaly enlargement of extremeties (hands, feet, face)
adeno gland
adenoma benign tumor of a gland
aero air
aerobic living or occuring only in the presence of oxygen
algesi sense of pain
analgesia unable to sense pain without loss of conciousness
andro male
androgen male sex hormone
ankylo stiffness or immobility
ankylosis stiffnes or immobility of a joint after surgery or injury
arterio artery
arteriole small branches of an artery
arthro joint
arthritis inflammation of joints
bio life
biochemical chemical reaction in a living organism
blast bud
blastocyst early stage of embryo growth
brachi arm; branch
brachial plexus network of nerves in armpit
broncho air passages
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchi
bucco cheek
buccal cavity the mouth
carcino cancer
carcinoma malignant tumor
cardio heart
cardiopulmonary relating to the heart and lungs
carn flesh
carnivorous meat eating
carpo wrist
carpus the bones of the wrist
caudo tail
caudal relating to the tail; toward the hind end of the body
cephalo head
cephalic related to the head
cerebro brain
cerebral pertaining to the brain
cerebropathy any disorder of the brain
cervico neck
cervix neck of the uterus
chondro cartilage
chondocranium developing skull of the embryo
colo large
colon greater part of the large intestine
colpo vagina
colposcope instrument used to examine the vagina
costo rib
costal relating to the ribs
cranio skull
cranial nerve nerve connecting the brain to the periphory of the body
cyto cell
cytology the study of cell biology
dento teeth
dentistry medical care of teeth
dermo skin
dermoid cyst cystic tumor in which are often found elements derived from the skin
dermato skin
dermatology branch of medicine dealing with the skin
digiti fingers and toes
digitigrade walking on the toes
dorso back
dorsolateral invloving both the back and the sides
electro electric
electrosurgery surgery by means of electric current
encephalo inside of head; brain
en- inside
encephalomyelitis inflammation of the brain and spinal cord
entero small intestine
enteritis intestinal inflammation
eso carrier
esophagus tube carrying food from the mouth to the stomach
esthesio sensation
anesthesia loss of sensation
estro female
estrus heat cycle of female animals
gastro stomach
gastric juice digestive fluid secreted in the stomach
gingivo gums
gingivitis inflammation of the gums
gnosis knowledge
prognosis anticipated prospect of recovery
hemo blood
hemoglobin iron-containing substance in red blood cells
hepato liver
hepatitis inflammation of the liver
hydro water
hydrophobia fear of water
phobia fear
hystero uterus
hysterectomy surgical removal of uterus
ileo ileum of intestine
ileitis inflammation of the ileum
ilio ilium of the pelvis
iliac related to or near the ilium
ischi hip or pelvis
ishchium dorsal and posterior pelvic bones
lacrimo tears
lacrimation excessive or abnormal secretion of tears
lacto milk
lactation secretion of milk
laparo abdominal wall
-otomy surgical cutting
lipo fat
lipoma tumor of fatty tissue
litho stone
lithiasis formation of stonelike substances in the body
lumbo lower back
lumbosacral relating to the lumbar and sacral parts
lympho lymphatic tissue
lymphocyte white blood cells made in lymphatic tissue
malaco softening
osteomalacia softening of the bones
melano darkness or blackness
melanoma tumor containing dark pigment
meter measure
thermometer device for measuring body temperature
morph structure, shape or form
morphogenesis formation of tissues and organs during body development
myco fungus
mycology study of fungi
myelo spinal cord, bone marrow
myelitis inflammation of spinal cord or bone marrow
myo muscle
myocardium muscular layer of the heart wall
narco sleep
narcolepsy condition charactarized by attacks of sleep
necro dead
necropsy postmortem examination
nephro kidney
nephron singe excretory unit of the kidney
neuro nerve
neuron basic cell of nerve tissue
olfact smell
olfactory pertaining to the sense of smell
oo egg
oocyte egg before maturation
opthalmo eye
opthalmia inflammation of the eye
opia sight
myopia nearsightedness
orchido testicle
cryptorchidism condition in which one or both testicles fail to descend normally
oro mouth
oropharyngeal relating to the mouth and pharynx
osteo bone
osteology branch of anatomy concerned with bones
oto ear
otitis inflammation of the ear
ovo egg
ovary egg producing organ of the female
parie wall
parietal lobe middle division (wall) of each cerebral hemisphere
patho disease
pathogen cause of disease (viris, bacteria)
phagia eat swallow
dyphagia difficulty in swallowing
dy- difficulty
phlebo vein
phlebitis inflammation of a vein
Phono sound
phonocardiogram visual record of heart sounds
pilo hair
pilose covered with soft hair
pleuro rib or side
pleura membrane lining rib cage and lungs
pneumono lung
pleuropneumonia inflammation of the pleura and lungs
pod foot
podarthritis inflammation of the joint of the feet
pseudo false
pseudopregnancy state resembling pregnancy that occurs in some mammals after infertile coitus.
psycho mind
psychology study of the mind and behavior
ptosis prolapse
hysteroptosis prolapse (sagging) uterus
pulmo lung
pulmonary artery vessel that carries blood from heart to lungs
pyo pus
pyoderma pus filled skin lesions
rhino nose
rhinoscopy examination of nasal passages
scopy examination
scope view
thoraco thorax
thoracotomy surgical incision of chest wall
tropho growth or nourishment
throphic disorders nutritional disorders
ur urine
urino urine
urophysis growth at base of tail
vaso vessel
vascular pertaining to blood vessels
vivi live
viviparous producing live young
zyg union or pair
zygote cell produced by union of sperm and ova
Created by: calico79
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