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CH: Chap. 2 & 3

Vocab and key points in Chapter 2 & 3

apologists Christian thinkers who defended and explained Christian beliefs.
atheism The denial that God exists.
bishops "overseers", ordained Church leaders who are successors of the Apostles and have received the fullness of the Sacrament of Holy Orders.
canon The Church's complete list of sacred books in the Bible.
catechumens unbaptized people preparing for membership in the Church. A person becomes a catechumen after celebrating the Rite of Acceptance into the order of Catechumens.
deacons 3rd degree of sacrament in the Holy Orders; assists bishops and priests with the poor or otherwise needy.
Edict of Milan allowed religious freedom in the Roman Empire.
heresy a belief that is contrary to the Church's doctrine of faith.
heretic a baptized Christian who holds a position that conflicts with the Church teachings.
Incarnation the truth that Jesus became human while remaining God.
laity baptized Catholics who share in Jesus' mission but are not ordained
martyrs persons who endure death for Christ
orthodoxy a doctrine that is consistent with the Church's doctrine of faith.
presbyters aka elders or priests, closely associated with bishop in leadership of communities
sacraments signs of grace instituted by Church
Tradition the living and authentic transmission of the teachings of Jesus in the Church.
Apostolic See identifies pope as successor to Peter; aka "Holy See"
Arianism heresy denying Jesus as truly God.
cloistered "behind walls"; women and men who live in monasteries.
convents residences to women who live the monastic lifestyle.
Council of Nicaea bishops met in 325 to condemn Arianism and make the Nicene Creed.
desert fathers men and some women who sacrificed their lives in the desert of north Africa and mid. east for Christ.
ecumenical council all the bishops of the world and the pope meet to discuss concerns facing the Church.
Fathers of the Church early Church leaders whose teachings helped make Christian doctrine and practices.
Huns Chinese tribe that was the last barbarian tribe to invade West. Euro.
Manicheans cult the viewed reality as a constant struggle between spirit (good) and matter (evil)
monk a person who lives a monastic life in solitude and prayer.
Monophysitism belief that Jesus has one nature rather than being human and divine.
Nicene Creed essential Christian beliefs written and approved at Councils of Nicaea (325) and Constantinople (381)
Pontifex Maximus "greatest bridge builder"; title for emperors and later given to pope.
Vandals 1 of the most destructive nomadic tribes; adopted Arianism when converted.
Visgoths Germanic tribe who settled in Spain; 1st of such group to lay siege to Rome.
Vulgate St. Jerome's Latin translation of Bible. "vulgar" means "of the common people"
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