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AP World His.chptr11

Mediterranean Society: The Roman Phase

Paul of Tarsus The leading figure in the expansion of Christianity beyond Judaism.
Jesus of Nazareth Founded Christian faith
Etruscans Northern Italian tribe that dominated Rome in its early history.
Gaius Marius General who created a common army loyal only to him, at one point would take control of Rome.
Lucius Cornelius Sulla General who led a slaughter of over ten thousand enemies of the state- gave rise to 1st Triumvirate.
Gracchi Brothers Tiberius and Gaius Gracchi- Patrician Tribunes whose call for land reform/ redistribution and lower taxes for peasants- led to their assassination.
Octavian/ Augustus Caesar Leader who reunified the Roman world and began the pax romana- Grand Nephew to Julius Ceaser- would become 1st Roman empire.
The early Roman Republic dealt with pressures from the plebian for a voice in government by what? Creating the office of tribune who had the power to intervene in all political affairs.
The roman policy toward its conquered subjects is called "generous" because why? It allowed them to maintain their culture and gave them the right to trade in Rome and perhaps to become Roman citizens
Rome ultimately benefited from the defeat of Carthage because why? Carthage was a huge naval and trading emire and the romans were able to absorb and expand that empire and exploit its resources.
The most serious political and social tensions in Rome duriong the last years of the Republic and the first years of the empire focused on what? patterns of land distributions.
One reason octavian escaped ceasers fate was that he what? Wisely preserved the facade of the republic while cautiously consolidating his power.
During the Pax Romana where was the greatest growth seen in the number of newly founded cities? in spain, gaul, and britan where cities were first built for government and administrative purposes.
in what context were Roman slaves most likely to recieve manumission? After years of service as an urban slave around the age of thirty.
Why were roman commoners(plebians) especially attracted to the hellenistic era religions of salvation? The religions of salvation provided a purposee or model for how to live life and the promise of a rewarding afterlife.
Why did Jews find it so difficult to abide by roman law? The jewish religion forbids the worship of any other gods but Yahweh and therefore jews wouldn't practice in Roman state cults
Which of the following is true of the Roman family? It meant an entire household includinng slaves, servants and relatives; it included the pater familias who was the absolute authority in the family; women supervised the domestic affairs; the pater familias could sell the children into slavery.
Augustus's government was a what? a monarchy disguised as a republic.
The roman concept "pater familias" as a means of providing order in society was most closely tied to what other civilization? Han China
Many early civilizations relied on slavery for economic and religious purposes; What civilization was most dependent on slave labor? Rome
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