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AP World His.chptr10

Since the written Language is yet to be deciphered, archaeologists examine vivid frescoes, often showing beautiful young people at play or wealthy couples at home or even ships laden with luxury cargo, to reveal life in what society? Minoan society
Tyrants came to power in many Greek poelis as a result of what? Popular support.
A key difference between helots in Sparta and chattel slavery is what? Helots could not be bought and sold as property.
Athens reached its democratic zenith under the leadership of who? Pericles.
What was the main motivation for Greek colonization throught the mediterranean basin? Strained resources of the mountainous Balkan Peninsula.
The most significant long-term result of the Persian wars was what? The splintering of greek unity after the persian defeat which set the stage for the rise of Macedon.
Which of the following public professions was open to women in classical Greece? Priestesses
Which of the following civilizations had the greatest effect on the Greeks written language? Phoenicians
Greek theatre has its strongest connection to who? the cult of Dionysus
What did salvation cults of the Hellenistic era promise believers which was not available through Greek philosophy or traditional religion? The promise of a rewarding afterlife.
Created by: LexxyLoveee