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AP World His.chptr9

Before the advent of the Mauryan Dynasty, India was what? Divided into several large kingdoms.
In what way did Chandragupta Maurya rule? He followed a philosophy of strong centralized governance.
Ashoka's accomplishments were numerous and included promotion of Buddhism and the economy as well as what? Communicated extensively with his people using written edicts.
The Gupta empire was primarily differnet from the Maurya in size. What was another significant difference? Its dependence on local governance.
During the period between 321 BCE and 550 CE India went through enormous economic growth in what? Long-distance trade by land routes and sea routes.
The caste system became more intricate due to the influence of what? The Jatis formed from the emerging guilds.
What does Buddhist doctrine hold as the root of all suffering? Desire.
Buddhism appealed to many common people because why? It downplayed social caste and emphasized individual freedoms.
After his conversion to Buddhism what was Ashoka's greatest support of Buddhism? Support for its missionary effects.
Hinduism went through a transformation as buddhism became more popular when what? Strict adhherence to the caste system began to liberalize.
The ultimate goal of Hinduism and Buddhism is to escape the cycle of reincarnation but in what way do their goals differ? For buddhists, it is a spiritual independence whil for Hindus it is spiritual union.
In contrast to Persia and China, classical india what? Lacked a strong and continuing imperial tradition.
The invasions of Darius and Alexander played an important role in Indian politics and history becasue of what? The intrusions destroyed many petty kingdoms and created a political vacuum.
What caused the Maurya empire to decline and collaspe? Financial difficulties caused by maintaining the army and the bureaucracy.
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