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AP World His. chptr8

Chinese schools of thought came out of a period of what? Chaotic Disunity.
Daoism and Confuscianism differ on the topic of what? Social involvement.
How did the Qin state become dominant in China? By gradual conquest of other states.
Among the many accomplishments of the first emporer, which one persisted into the Han Dynasty? Formation of administrative districts.
Despite his scorn for other classes, Qin Shihuangdi failed to consider the concerns of the average peasant. What most aggravated them? Massive conscription for public works.
While the Qin was already weakened by earlier dissent and rebellion what allowed Liu Bang, the founder of the Han Dynasty to produce its ultimate defeat? A devoted army.
Han Wudi is recognized as the strongest Han emporer. What would be his most important contribution to the administrations of later dynasties? The formation of a confucian educational system.
Despite the changes in dynasties, domestic life changed very little; Chinese patriarchy continued and was supported by who? the confucian class.
Several technologies improved trade and commerce for the Han, including what? Sericulture.
The Han dynasty began its decline when iit could not solve the problem of what? land distribution.
The Zhou concept of Mandate of Heaven required the ruler to govern well in order to maintain social stability. What group most clearly represents a failure on the part of the Han ruler? The Yellow Turbans.
While Qin Shihuangdi used Legalism to maintain tight control and force unity on China, other policies unified the Chinese more directly and lasted much longer like what? The standardization of weights and measurements and writing scripts; and the high enrollment in Qin Shihuangdi's army force
During the chaotic period of warring states the chinese looked to different philosophies for stability. Neither confucianism nor Daoism includes the worship of any deities. What might be one reason a true religion with deities does not originate in china? Veneration of ancestors as practiced since ancient times fulfilled the need for protective spirituality.
By junzi or "superior individuals" confucious meant what? Well educated and conscientious individuals to fill state offices.
Confucious left an enduring mark on Chinese society as what? An educator and political advisor.
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